Viug Smart Sensor Robot Vacuum Cleaner, One-Button Start

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Joanna M.
Great for hard floors and pet hair!

Great for hard floors. Will sometimes go over area rugs, but doesn't sweep anything up from them. Does well for the price. Picks up cat hair and dog hair, which is what I need it for. It's not as loud as a full-size vacuum and doesn't scare the pets, but it's not silent. The canister is kind of small, so I empty it twice while it's running. It seems to move around at random, but if I let it from a full charge until it dies (about 45 minutes), my apartment is swept.

Samuel R.
It's great!

My first robot vac & I love it! I have hardwood and linoleum; I do have to make sure rugs are picked up (just door rugs that are thick) but I don't know how it would work on a flat rug; I think it'd get stuck on any type of fringe. I keep it charging when not in use. I use it daily for an hour or more. I stop it every 20 minutes or so to dump out the filter and get hairs out that are stuck to the brushes. We have a dog and teenage daughter that sheds like crazy and it keeps dust from building up in the corners. It also goes underneath the sofa and chair so that's awesome. I've always had problems keeping hard floors dust-free, but so far, this has been great and I highly recommended it.

Charmaine M.
Affordable, hard-working robotic vacuum!

We are pleased with our purchase! Given the low price compared to others on the market, we had our doubts. But this vacuum is proving to be a wonderful, time, and effort saving device. Our dog sheds A LOT and we were looking for a solution to help us keep ahead of the mess. The filter/container is very easy to empty and it is great that there are no bags that need replacing! Unlike vacuums 5x the price, there are no automatic charging doc/gates/other fancy options and sometimes it needs to be coaxed out of a corner, but this is not a big inconvenience in light of the price point and function. Recommend!

Roma S.
Excellent price and product.

I love this vac. I had a neato brand, which finally bit the dust after many years of faithful use and I didn’t want to spend that much $ on a new one. This guy is fantastic. He has plenty of battery life for my large living areas and since I have all wood floors, they clean up great. You can plug him in anywhere, he doesn’t need a designated home and while yes, you have to plug/unplug him and turn him on, I don’t find it terribly inconvenient. He doesn’t come with frills like borders and electric eyes and whatnot- he just vacs for you. Much quieter than other vacs I’ve had as well. A++. If you know someone who has been toying with the idea of a robot vacuum, get them this one.

Pinky S.
Impressive little 'bot.

We're really impressed by this little guy. Except for the dogs, who give it the side-eye while it buzzes around picking up the hair that deserted their furry bodies. I sweep the dirt/hair away from the corners and walls and it does the rest. Rarely does it get stuck on something and it goes under our sofa and dressers really well. For this price point, we're amazed at the amount of hair and dirt it picks up. Someday we might upgrade to a more expensive/bigger capacity version, but this 'bot is a keeper.

Kendra K.
Great automatic vacuum for the price

I decided to go for this one due to the price. I must say I love it. I have a dog with long hair that sheds to the point it's hard to keep up with. I have hardwood floors and it works great at picking up all of the hair. I can tell quite a difference. It isn't too noisy and the dogs don't seem to mind. I use it daily and empty after each use because it does such a great job picking up hair. It sometimes gets caught on the floor dividers between rooms but usually is able to work itself out. After this one runs its course I plan on getting the automatic recharging one but for now, this one works great of you remember to turn it on and turn it loose each day.

Russel B.
introduce you to my new little friend

Surprising good for the price, I do not need the auto docking station when I can just plug it in, no roller but a good vacuum and side brushes, it cleans great under furniture and bed, beware of wires on the floor it can get stock, easy to empty waste container, all-around great value. it does go over a few of my very low profile rugs but does not like one of them for some reason, random pattern but it will work its way around.

Chris M.
Great little helper!

Our house has a lot of tile and hardwood. I have two dogs, two kids, and a cat and it is hard to keep the floors swept. I bought this robot vacuum to help clean up in between regular vacuuming. Best momma’s helper I’ve ever had. It actually does a great job with fur and most nooks and crannies. It runs for about a half-hour straight and cleans up our main traffic areas nicely. Great purchase and I would recommend it.

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