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Angel J.
Seals and heals!

In less than 8 weeks my scar from surgery went from open, bumpy, and scabbed to smooth and sealed. Every day it keeps improving. The cream is soothing when my physical therapist uses it to do a scar tissue massage over the wound.

Aaron B.
The cream works!

I've been using the cream for two weeks and my podiatrist and physical therapist are impressed with how good my scar looks. I had a pre-surgery injury that took a while to heal. The scar was raised but after using this cream for two weeks, the scar is flat.

Ivy G.
Great find!

I have a scar from an unfortunate accident where I cut my face on vacation as a child. I needed to get 5 stitches and have always had a dark and ugly scar above my eyebrow. After using this product for a while, I am noticing that the scar is starting to fade. I will have to update the review once I am done using the whole bottle!

Apple L.
It works! Be consistent!

I bought this for my two year old’s nose as she fell off the bed and hit her nose causing a pretty big cut. I waited until the scab completely healed but at one-month post-accident it looks sooooo much better. This stuff really works! Make sure to rub it in completely and use frequently throughout the day. I am buying a second bottle. I plan on using this on her for at least 6 months.

Sheena R.
It really works and hides scars while they're healing!

I used the cream to help fade the marks from my stitches and hide them while they were healing. I am relatively thin so my surgeon said she couldn't hide the knots after abdominal surgery anywhere. As a result, they were protruding like pimples through my skin. The cream helped to hide their ugliness, take away the initial redness and I believe encourage them to settle beneath the surface.

Krisha G.
Very effective and good quality

I saw fading within the first week of use. I have on my hands and wrists major and minor burn scars and some cuts from the many years in the cooking school and restaurants. This cream coats the scar softens it up and makes it look less noticeable. My hands look more normal than ever now… Very effective and good quality.

Virginia L.
Great for easing itchiness with scars

I had a small area on my back where I had surgery that was irritated and developing a keloid in the scarring process. It has been so irritating. This cream does work well with easing the itchiness. I haven't been using it long, 7 days or so, so I am not sure if it has helped to reduce the inflammation of the keloid scar but I hope it will help. My scar is small but still really irritated.

Rose H.
Patience grasshopper

The only reason I'm giving it a 4/5 is that I've only been using it for 3 weeks and haven't seen a huge change in the scars since I know it takes longer. HOWEVER, the redness of my acne scars is fading which is why I'm sticking with the product. Curious to see what the change will look like in a few months!

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MedPotion Scar Treatment Cream - Acne Spots Treatment, Stretchmark Relief, Burns and Cuts Repair