SurePet Soft Plush Round Pet Bed | Self Warming Indoor Sleeping Bed

Color: Khaki


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Kimberly H.
Softest dog bed I’ve ever felt

I am always skeptical about buying doggo beds before I can feel them but these are perfect. Both of my dogs lay on or next to them all day. They were fluffiest after washing and held up really well in the washer and dryer. I wish they made a blanket from this material (for me)

Lucy J.
Very soft and fluffy

I actually bought this item for my cats, after ordering it I worried it was going to be too small because of the picture shown, turns out I didn't need to worry, this bed is bigger than it seemed. Even my largest cat fits in it easily. It is super soft and the baby keeps trying to lay down in it as well. It is very high quality and has an antiskid grip on the bottom. My smallest cat stands in it kneading for what seems like hours at a time. It is very thick and very very soft. I highly recommend this product.

Katrina R.
best dog bed

This is the most comfortable dog bed ever. Actually looks nice and not like cheap fleece. Extremely high quality as well. You can tell from the stitching this bed is going to last a good long while. Very impressed with the quality for the price. Best purchase I made

Lady L.
Spoil Your Fur Babies

This is my 4th calming bed because all my dogs were trying to get in the same one and then my sister in law had to have one too. Her cat has epilepsy and the calming beds with
the high sides help keep her kitty safe if she has a seizure. She felt so good about that peace of mind she asked me to get her another bed for her living room. The bed is so soft with a shag pile, a rubber non-skid bottom, and a comfy padded inside bottom. The edges are high so the dog or cat can burrow, hide, or lay their head on the side. My animals love it and now my sister-in-law has 2 for her sick cat as protection against falls during seizures. These new types of dog beds are amazing. They get so comfortable and they seem to ease aches and pains and now I guess can be used as a medical device.

Maui D.
Super cute bed

This bed is extremely comfortable. My dog absolutely loves it. It’s really soft and cute. My dog looks extra adorable when he lies in it. It fits my dog perfectly and he is 13lb. My bigger dog got jealous and even he tried to snuggle in it. I would definitely buy it again if I need another one. My dog can’t live without it now.

Penelope C.
Pup loves it

My dog is infamous for destroying and removing all the stuffing on all of her previous dog beds. We resorted to just getting her one of those fabric cot beds because she couldn’t tear it up, even though it’s not padded or comfortable looking. But now that’s she’s two yrs. old, and I’ve been seeing all these ads for beds like this, I decided to give it a try. She absolutely loves this bed, and even chooses to sleep in it over our own human bed (an unprecedented occurrence!). It’s so clear that she feels comfortable and cozy in this bed. And she hasn’t chewed it up!! (Though we still don’t leave her alone with it when we leave the house... we’ve learned our lesson).

Cynthia W.
Bunny loves it too !

I bought this small round bed for my rabbit. Rabbit doesn’t like to use beds all the time but he likes to relax on this one. This bed is so soft. I bet it’s really comfortable to lay on. I would definitely buy it for my dog if it’s a bigger size. I highly recommend this soft bed for pet owners!

Olivia C.
Nice cat bed

After opening it, I waited for two days to let this cushion get bigger since it's packed in a vacuum package. Then I let my cat get used to it. Put him on it when he is sleepy. Finally, my cat likes it.
The quality is fine. Just pay attention to the size, I bought a small size, my cat probably only can use it for one year.

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