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Carol D.
Love my hands now

I am a nurse and my hands are always dry, especially my knuckles. This moisturizing hand wax made my hands very soft and not greasy at all. I am totally in love with my hands now....and this product :). They are worth every penny.

Alyanna S.
Superior recovery

My boyfriend has extremely dry hands to the point where his knuckles crack and bleed. I’ve bought so many lotions that he complains are too oily and are annoying to use at work on a keyboard. This moisturizing hand wax healed his hands. Highly recommended!

Krisha G.
Great overall

It’s a nice thick cream. Slight complaint is that it isn’t perfectly scent free. It doesn’t smell strong or bad, I was just personally looking for a scent free cream. That being said I would buy again.

Levi L.
Smells delicious and feels great!

This stuff smells delicious and feels great. I'm a teacher and constantly have cuts and dry skin from cleaning white boards, handling a million papers, and washing my hands frequently. This made my hands noticeably softer in two days.

Aira C.
Great hand cream

Well priced and decent hand cream, it's not life changing but it does the job

Eris S.
Best hand cream ever!

My hands deal with cardboard 8 hours a night, and I was shocked at what that does to your hands. Maxinique moisturizing hand wax is so soothing and actually absorbs into my skin and they feel so much better after using it. It really is the best absorbing, healing, and softening cream I've ever used and I have tried many others. This is my go-to product now, and the price is the best ever, as well!

Virginia L.
the perfect cream

I like it a lot! It has a pleasant yet faint smell, feels very rich when I put it on, but then gets absorbed quickly. I'm surprised, but it's basically the perfect cream (and not just for hands)! I carry it from room to room with me and I'm thinking of getting a couple of other bottles to leave around the house.

Christopher W.
No more bleeding hands in the winter

This is the first moisturizing hand wax cream I’ve used that doesn’t require consistent applications all day, and it’s easy to apply. I apply it whenever my hands feel dry, which is about once, maybe twice a day. Prior to this cream, my hands would crack and bleed in the winter time, and they would itch badly.

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