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Steve D.
Fun Gift

I needed a large rubber duck for a gag Christmas gift. I have made an adult size hooded baby towel and I needed a rubber duck to go with it. This is perfect. The duck's head is bent very slightly backwards and it can't be straightened up. It is still very cute and is going to be a big hit.

Travis B.
Quack quack

Got this for a decoration for a baby shower. It's huge, just what we wanted! So worth the price. Squeaks and everything. My nephew will love the duck in the bath after the baby shower

Chad j.
Cute lil Duckies

Worked great in our punch bowl for a baby shower and the extras were used in glass bowls on the tables. Looked really cute.

Veron L.
Rubber Ducky!

This is a great rubber duck for the kids to play with in the bath. For those worrying about cleaning and the chance of mold inside, I say this; occasionally squeeze as much water as possible out of the duck, then squeeze the bottom in a shallow bowl of bleach so that some bleach is inside.

Cherry S.
Went by Picture

Cute! I put them in my garden. When it floods, they float around. Maybe having smaller packs would be good.

Steve L.
Great toy in or out of the water.

I bought this duck after some cheap ones we used before grew mold. My 18 months old absolutely loves it. I love that it can't grow mold inside and it's pretty solid plastic. The heat sensitive disc on the bottom is just a perk for me. It floats well, dries quickly, perfect for play in or out of the bathtub. I'll probably buy this for other families in my family with babies/toddlers.

Lance S.
Makes a cute cake topper

I used this for a topper for a duck theme baby shower cake. It was so inexpensive and looked great on the cake. I liked that they can take it off the cake and use it when the baby arrives as a special remembrance of the baby shower. Without having used it for the purpose it was meant for (in the bathtub) I can only say that the packaging was nice, it seemed very well made and my experience with this companies products for my own children have always been great.

Mike S.
Yay! Rubber Ducky!

What can you say about a rubber ducky? It floats, it squeaks and it's shaped like a ducky! Perfect for kids bath time. I got a few of these for my mother with Alzheimer's to trick her into taking a bath more often, as she has become claustrophobic and argues about bathing anymore. Oh the things we do for our kids/parents. I hope my kids will do the same for me when I am 80 and need to be entertained in the tub.

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