JRag Adjustable Water Resistant Running Waist Bag

Color: Blue


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Michael F.
Wish I would have had this years ago!

I brought it on a cruise with me last week and it was perfect! I like wearing comfortable gym shorts or swim shorts and always hate when trying to carry my phone and ear buds in the pockets (if there is one). If I try to grab the phone it pulls the inside of the pocket out. Plus, the length of the earbuds cable limits mobility. This belt completely eliminated both issues! Plus, being able to carry a room card and not worry about losing it by falling out of my pocket definitely helped ease my mind so I could focus on other things - like cocktails! Of course my girlfriend wanted me to carry all her stuff too, but no worries. It fit everything just fine. I also love the slim look of it. It looks nothing like those old school fanny packs. I actually got compliments on it. Well done!

Damiel S.
Great quality and affordable

I just received the running belt last week and I was impressed by the quality of it since it was so affordable. I've only had the opportunity to use it twice but I loved it. I'm always hesitant about ordering things site unseen but now that I have it I know I made the right purchase. I would definitely recommend it.

Lester H.
Someone took my ideal !!!!!!!!!! Just kidding

I was waiting on a pouch like this.... I can now walk without worrying about my belongings being everywhere.... just in case I get chased by a dog I'm ready !!!! Fits perfectly too if your middle is a little wider than normal

Adrian D.
love It!

At first I was concerned it was too bulky to run in from the pic but this was not at all true. I really like how the buckle is slim and quality material. It stays in place and doesn’t feel heavy when running. It has places for cards inside like a wallet, it fits my iPhone 10x easily. I love the extra pockets. My favorite part is the output hole for my headphone wires. Great product.

Anthony P.
Absolutely Awesome!

Fits nice and snug, doesn’t move while I’m running, stays in place and fits my IPhone 8 Plus perfectly! Highly recommended!

Gregory D.
Great for running and events-great value.

Wore this first to an outdoor event, and it was perfect and very comfortable. It holds my large cell phone, keys and cards. wore it for running and once I found where it wanted to sit on my body it was comfortable as well. Great value for the price.

Richard P.
Great running belt!

Good quality belt! Love how much room there is and the thick reflective strip. My previous running belt was difficult to get on and would roll up a lot. This belt does not do that. Definitely recommend it.

Jackson J.
Totally worth it!

I mainly bought this because I was tired of buying different carrying cases for various phones over the years. I like to listen to music or talk on the phone when I'm mowing or doing chores, or biking. I also thought this would be great to take to amusement parks to avoid spending more money and putting essentials in a locker, which you then have to walk all the way across the park to get to. It lays fairly flat against your waist, making it perfect to conceal under a loose fitted shirt, and I was able to wear it while riding rollercoasters with no issues at all. It was great to not have to worry about things falling out of my pockets, which for women, are never deep enough. For the money, this was a great buy and I am totally satisfied.

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JRag Adjustable Water Resistant Running Waist Bag