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Caroline D.
Love this stuff! Life saver for oily skin!

I absolutely love this stuff! I have extremely oily skin. At the end of the day my makeup is like melting off my face it's so oily. I have used Urban Decay and Too Faced eye primer for years, and they work well, but I actually like this stuff better. The consistency is good. It's creamy and goes on smooth. It's practically clear when it dries. I even apply it beyond my eyes up in to my brows, and then I use IT cosmetics universal brow pencil, and my eyebrows stay in place till I get home from work which is a good 9 hours. My brow pencil goes on smoother, and I feel like I have more control over the darkness and shape of my brows. No creasing at all on my shadow after 9 hours. I've been using it for about a month, and it's what I will continue to use.

Matilda G.
A staple in your make up bag!

Y'ALL, I cannot say enough good things about this primer. I suffer from oily skin and enlarged pores and it is hard to find a primer (or any make up) that keeps my skin matte, and looking flawless throughout the day but this primer does exactly that! I use this primer after I cleanse and moisturize my face then I apply my Lancome foundation on top (with a beauty blender) and my Laura Mercier setting powder and let me tell you, my skin has never looked better! A pea sized amount goes a long way and I don't believe I've ever had a primer that covers so smoothly. My makeup looks the same throughout the day, as if I just applied it. If you are on the fence about this product, get it!!!

Charity B.
This stuff Seals the Deal! Feels like Silky Smooth! 💓

Like I said, this stuff Seals the Deal! By that I mean, after you do all your skin care then put this on and THEN start putting on your foundation and concealer and powder etc. it will give you the smoothest surface not only to work with but it will also show! You’ll have a flawlessly silky smooth face!

Happy C.
Nice Face Primer!

I have very oily skin so it's very hard for me to find a primer that can fight back my oily face. I recommend this product because this actually does the trick for most of my day. This of course this is NOT a luxury beauty product like Tatcha primer but it's a good second and cheaper option. Also using better quality ingredient makeup over the top of this primer is a helpful factor to how well the primer will work.

Lesley L.
Huge difference

I'm in my 40's and busy all day. I have no time to fix my makeup during the day. I've used the bb cream and thought it was working as a primer, but still at the end of the day, I noticed my makeup looked like it had run down, melted away. Since I started using this primer, my makeup stays until the end of the day, even after I sweated quite a bit. I wish they make bigger bottles.

Jaime B.
Controls oil pretty well

I have super oily and greasy skin, I usually use Becca Evermatte primer but it’s so expensive! I was freaked out at first because it feels a bit greasy when it goes on but it actually does a pretty great job of controlling oil and shine, I will be buying this from now on rather than the Becca brand. I do feel like I need to use more of it than Becca though...

Jessa B.
Blew Me Away

I grew up in theater and show choir and have a grandma who has always sold Avon makeup, so I'm very much used to wearing lots of makeup and have done so for several years. I used to get horrible acne and the oils from my very oily face would often cause my makeup to wear off, then I discovered primer. Once I discovered primer, everything was either super thick where it would clog my pores or not hold my makeup at all or not prevent oil from getting through or just sitting on my face feeling hard or any combination/all of the above. I recently decided to try this stuff and it completely blew me away. 1) It actually feels nice on my face. 2) It actually held my makeup in place for 18 hours. 3) It completely washed off at the end of the day and didn't clog my pores. I'm addicted to this stuff.

Roselyn R.
The best primer ever!

I’ll start off by saying that i have a very oily T-Zone. I have tried numerous primers from every price range and I can say that I finally found the one primer that controls the oil in that area. I start to see shine with other primers within a couple of hours but with this one it last up until the 5th or 6th hour of my work day. My face is not completely matte at hour 5 or 6 but my makeup isn’t sliding off my face either. I would recommend this to anyone with extremely oily skin.

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