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Alexa B.
Cute for Small to S/M Dogs

I got this for my dog when he was healing from a dog bite. When the wounds scabbed over he wanted to lick and nibble at them and this protected her from doing so without having to have an unwieldy e-cone around her neck. He's completely healed now and this kept her scrapes clean but still able to "breathe."

The sizes available are meant for "toy-sized" dogs. My Pom Spitz rescue is 15 lbs and the largest size fits him perfectly. It would be great if they added larger sizes for M/L to Large dogs too.

Michelle L.

This is a great doggie sweatshirt. They are made with lightweight jersey material. The lettering was good and the stitching seems fine too. I bought a medium so the length would go all the way to her tail knowing it would be loose and hoping the neck would be tight enough to stay on. It fit perfectly! Loose through her body, length good, and because of the neck size and having actual sleeves (no cut-outs) it stays on her well so it keeps her warm and she looks adorable!
For reference our pups about 15” from collar to tail, skinny body and is 11 lbs.

Michael D.
Coolest Doggo on the Block

The medium fits my dachshund (who is about 10lbs) pretty well. The sleeves are a little too long but she has really short legs. It also covers her whole body from head to tip of her tail. I ordered a size bigger than I planned because I wanted something that would cover her whole body, not just her chest.

Mary G.
This is great for my cat who is in kidney failure

This is great for my cat who is in kidney failure. He has an indwelling catheter and has to wear shirts to keep it covered/prevent him from scratching at it. The hood really helps to create an extra barrier. It fits great! He is 6 1/2 pounds and I ordered a size small.

Janet G.
Nice product, fit is a little small.

This, too, seems a little small. I carefully measured the dog but would go one size larger if I bought again. My little pup (pom) suffers from hair loss and he only wears this on cold days here in when he goes outside. It's very warm, looks great, and is fairly easy for him to get in to and out of. We've used it nearly a dozen times so far.

Margaux F.
Size up; Yes indeed! Hope this helps.

After reading reviews and being on the fence about which size to purchase for my dog, I decided to size up from a Small to a Medium. This was definitely the right choice. I have a miniature pinscher and he is about 14lbs. He is a muscular little fella’ and this outfit fits him perfectly. I would recommend this product.

Juliet B.
Super cute "Security" for my tough 4lb security 😉

Super cute shirt, I always tell people at the flea market that my 4lb 14 year old Shih Tzu, Pearl is my security so I was excited when I found this "Security" shirt, I just wish the there’s a pink one available and a blue one would be nice. I would take a black security shirt and bling it out. She's only 4lbs but is long most of her clothes are XSmall so that's what I got her but made her I washed it in cold water because I read reviews that the shirt runs small. Her shirt fits perfectly.

Sam J.
So cute!

I run a non-profit dog rescue and am always looking for clothes to dress the pups in. It helps showcase their personalities and gets them adopted more quickly. This dress is so cute! It is also easy to get on. I dressed one little foster pup in it and he didn't seem to mind at all. I definitely got my money's worth.

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