Velvery High Volume 3D False Eyelashes, Long and Thick, 5 Pairs

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Princess Q.
The best lashes!!!!

I love everything about these lashes. They are easy to apply and lightweight. They are natural looking and give my eyes a boost. They are reusable and comfortable to wear all day long.

Diane W.

These lashes are amazing - and not just amazing for the price! The band is very long and needs to be trimmed for most eye shapes but that’s the case with most lashes, and I find the band to be very flexible as well. The length and thickness of these are also perfect in my opinion; I love a dramatic lash and I find this work best with a coat of mascara over them. I will absolutely be repurchasing!

Marian D.
Omg Girl Yessss!!!

I’m just going to go right ahead and say that these are the best lashes so far that I have bought and used. I’ve used many other kinds and they were useful but these are just way better. From now on I know for sure that I’ll be buying these every time. Also I just wanna say that the packaging is so cute. And these lashes are so worth it.

Barbara J.
The best!!!

Omg!!!!! The best lashes I ever tried! I’m a makeup artist and I know well about beauty products including lashes! These are my new faves! They stay on all day long and definitely, can reuse them I used one pair for three days and still good to go! The material is super fluffy and easy to work with! Thank you !!!!!

Melissa R.
Long & fluffy

I was skeptical because of the price, but I decided to go ahead & order. I didn’t mind the long shipping. Once I got them they looked very long & I was a little iffy. I put them on and oh my god was I in love. I love how fluffy they are! Everyone kept complimenting me on my eyelashes & was surprised when I told them how much they were! Definitely 100% recommend them to everyone!

Avery C.
Full, Natural Looking Lashes

They are easy to apply and stay on all day. (You do need to trim them to fit.) The only thing I dislike is that I can only get two days to wear from them as opposed to the four-day wear I get from others I have typically used. Overall, I would recommend them and I do plan to order more.

Aurora S.
The length on these is INTENSE!

At first, I thought these looked super cheap in the packaging. But once I trimmed them down and tried to wear them, they looked so pretty! Verrrrry long and dramatic. The only problem I still have with them is that even after trimming them down when I blink, the inner lashes tickle the top of my nose. If I trim the band further, then they are too short to fit my eyes. So all in all, they’re just a little too long for my liking but that’s the point for some people! Another thing anyone buying these should know is that they are definitely heavy for strip lashes.

Arrah G.
Very comfortable

I loved how these lashes are very big and fluffy. They make my eyes look very pretty. I tried them with more of a natural look rather than a full face of makeup and I loved them. They are comfortable to wear and the lash band doesn’t bother at all.

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Velvery High Volume 3D False Eyelashes, Long and Thick, 5 Pairs