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Steffany N.
Great for sensitive skin

I have really sensitive skin so I was looking for a good facial scrub product without all the harsh chemicals of the store brands. After a bit of searching, I came across this product and decided to give it a chance, I am glad I did because now I know where to purchase all and future products from. 10/10 recommendation for the feel during and after use, other products left my skin feeling dry while this one left my skin feeling refreshed and smooth!

Ashton B.
Exfoliates without oily residue

Good smells aside, I love this product because it removes the weird nasty gunky skin cells that form along my skin. I can't say if it's dry skin or weirdly overly moist but whatever it is, this product removes it and I love the after effect. Smooth skin! Unlike other sugar/salt scrubs, this product doesn't leave my skin oily. I've tried other sugar scrubs but they just didn't feel right on my skin...I'm not interested in moisturizing my body.

Sabrina P.
Love it!!

This is one of the best sugar scrubs I’ve ever purchased. I typically have dry skin and like to use some type of scrub in the shower to soften my skin a little more than lotion would do. The scrub really makes you feel soft and the scent is great. I thought it was a little pricey at first but I wanted to try it so I purchased it. it’s unbelievable. It’s been a few days since I used it in my skin is still so soft. Love it! I will definitely purchase it again.

Jane S.
Definitely Liking This

I’m a huge fan of grainy scrubs, so I wasn’t disappointed here. There’s a lot of nourishing oils in the formula and my skin has been left super soft without a thick film of oils. I can’t wait to see how my stretch marks fade over time. I would definitely purchase it again.

Melody E.
Efficient and Still Gentle.

I used this on some spots of skin my keratosis pilaris is an issue. My skin is also very sensitive, so it is important that the exfoliants I have to use are also not irritating. This scrub fits that perfectly. I used it a couple of times before writing a review just to be sure, but it really helped my rough spots, and I didn't rash or have any irritation after. I also LOVE the scent of this. It isn't overpowering, but it isn't weak either.

Amber M.
Shining and sparkling skin😍😍😍😍😍😍

I developed dry and sensitive skin recently and lost the shining glow in my face.....I tried every possible thing to treat this condition even change in diet but nothing worked.....this product is a body scrub but I tried this on my face....my skin is glowing beautifully.....Clean and silky😍
Just this scrub and a good moisturizer are enough you are good to go...Such a glossy look👍

Amy B.
Rough and not oily

I have tried many different sugar scrubs, searching far and wide for the perfect scrub for me. I like a sugar scrub that is rough (too gentle & I don't think it is really exfoliating all the dead skin) and not oily.

I dislike oily scrubs because I feel they clog my pores, it leaves my skin oily, and they make the shower floor slippery. This sugar scrub is my FAVE because it passes my 2 main requirements: it is rough and not oily.

If you are looking for a scrub that leaves you feeling exfoliated and fresh, I highly recommend this!

Kelly H.
Great Body Scrub

This is a good body scrub. I don't feel like it leaves a residue, and I don't lose a lot of it to the shower floor when I'm scooping it out of the jar because there's a good viscosity to it. The smell is also nice. I will definitely repurchase. My skin felt must softer after I used it. A product like this is really necessary for the winter.

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