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Charmaine M.
Good so far

I like this product because of the ingredients, the smell, and application. I haven't been using it that long, but so far I really enjoy it. I apply it in a circular motion until it is absorbed into my skin after either exfoliating or cleaning the area. I apply it to my upper thighs and breasts where I have stretch marks. They are not dark or have any color, but are light and have texture, so I am waiting to see if this makes any different. My skin is dark so the light stretch marks appear a little more. I am hoping this might do something. If it doesn't, I am sure it helps, maybe preventing more in the area I am more prone to them. I will write an updated review after I am finished with the entire container.

Roma S.
Tropical aromatherapy, leaves skin smooth & silky

Love it! It smells great! I used it for my hands primarily and after I washed it off, I noticed my hands are much softer and it smells wonderful. However, I would not recommend it for someone with severely dry, cracked hands. My daughter who has eczema used it with her open cuts and it stings so badly that she had to wash it off immediately.

Pinky S.
Is very good, I wish the bottle could be bigger for ...

Is very good, I wish the bottle could be bigger for the price. It is a very small container. I just bought it a couple of weeks ago and it is gone. I will have to purchase again. The other creams have lasted at least 3 or 4 months using them everyday. This lasted me only a month. I would buy it again because I love the smell and the texture but it will be expensive to maintain.

Elsa R.
So relaxing

This is the best smelling scrub they make! It's like treating yourself to a day at the spa.

Calix G.
Good but very oily

The directions say to mix before using and I definitely recommend mixing a lot. There’s a lot of oil in this and even after mixing it was still super oily. I wouldn’t recommend it for people with oily skin but for people with dry skin this is amazing. I can clearly smell the lavender and grapefruit although the grapefruit overpowers the lavender a bit. The directions also recommend using twice a week but it’s so oily that I only use it once a week.

Princess Q.
More + than -

Honestly, I only took away a star because the consistency is a bit too watery for my liking. But overall, it's a good at-home scrub. Not too overwhelming in scent, does leave your skin feeling moisturized and soft. It's a good value for self-care until it's safe to go back to the spa

Durrel F.
It works!

I first bought this product two years ago because of the great reviews, but was scared to try it because some people had commented on the smell. I am super sensitive to smell, and didn't LOVE the smell, but was happy to tolerate it because it was actually making my stretch marks go away. I just bought another jar and it seems like they've improved the product recently. It doesn't smell as strong, but still works just as good. The texture is also a bit smoother. The last jar lasted me more than a year, so it's worth the price.

Sede T.
Great product except for the scent (according to my husband)

I love this product, it keeps my skin moisturized all day long. I use it for my belly and breasts to prevent stretch marks while I am expecting and my body is changing. The reality is that you can't completely prevent stretch marks, everybody is different as it undergoes the extreme changes that take place with pregnancy, but a good body cream can make a difference!
The all natural ingredients and the all day hydration have won me over as a lifetime customer. I apply this product alongside their Stretch Marks and Scars Defense Oil and I feel confident I'm nourishing my skin with only the best, most effective ingredients.
I give it 4 stars because my husband does not like the smell at all, even hours after application. It just smells like oil, nothing special but he just hates it lol. I haven't tried the vanilla orange scented version yet, that will be my next purchase!

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