Shinysmile Teeth Whitening Strips | Professional Kit White strips (14pcs)

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Aaron B.
Removes years of stains.

In one week, my yellow teeth turned white. I highly recommend using this product.

Mark W.
Big difference

The last picture is the after and the first is the before. While there is not a dramatic change or difference, there is a big color difference. By the 3rd strip, I was seeing my teeth start to lighten up. I wasn't going for a full bright white but at least for some of the stains to lighten up. I still have 2 more strips, as I don't use these on a daily basis. I use them every other few days or so. I've had them for about 2 weeks now and the only difference that I've added were the strips to my oral hygiene routine. I've tried other strips before but this is the first time I've seen results this fast. Extremely happy with them too!

Bill C.
Whitened by a couple shades

Wow the difference in such a short
Time. Very easy to use brush them peel and stick and wait, then peel Off throw away. Comes with multiple sheaths. No sensitivity, no mess. Individual packets to take with you wherever.

Heidi S.
Great whitening strips!! 😁

Easily as good as the expensive name brand strips. They whiten very well. They also stay in place once you form them to your teeth. I can even carry on a conversation while wearing them, without them slipping around. I've tried several brands, and that's a problem with many of them. Never again will I buy Crust Whitestrips again...these are easily as good, and half the price!

Alyanna S.
It works!!!!

These results are after ONE express treatment. Love this product!

Paolo G.
Great product better than spending hundreds at the dentist

Definitely whitens my teeth. Only issue was I wasted some of the bottom ones because my teeth weren’t dry enough to stick. Have to breath with your mouth open for a little bit before applying.

Ernest J.

Great product u can see the change in 3 days!!! I was amazed it worked because im a heavy smoker

Karla G.
Great and inexpensive.

EDIT* I wanted to post a before and after picture, and I guess my teeth were really "Yellow Yellow." I'm actually a bit embarrassed looking at this picture, but I am so much more confident now with my smile. The two pictures were taken 28 days apart. Like I said, I used the strips everyday for about the first week, and then forgot to where it was about every other day. This is only with 14 regular 30 minute strips and 1 -1 hour strip. I highly recommend these strips, especially when on

Original* Love these. My teeth weren't "Yellow Yellow," but they were a little yellow. So far, I've used one 1-hour strip and about fourteen 30-minute strips. They are slightly whiter, but they aren't pearly white. For the most part, I've been using them everyday, but for the last few I've done, I kind of forgot to do them and have been doing them like every other day. I'm going to try one more kit and see if that changes anything. I know for a fact though that it has given me more confidence on my smile because they are much whiter that before. When I first started, my teeth didn't hurt at all. But recently my gums have started hurting, and I feel a little nerve pain in my teeth. I also use the glamorous white crest toothpaste to complement the strips.

My only complaint is that the bottom strips aren't the same size as the top strips. The bottom only covers like my first 7 teeth and that's it.

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Shinysmile Teeth Whitening Strips | Professional Kit White strips (14pcs)