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Veron L.
Good for price

Feels sturdy. About to hang it. Hoping it doesn't mildew. Lined up perfectly with my shower curtain.

Mike S.
Outstanding shower curtain, light years ahead of how they used to be made

I haven't had to have a shower curtain in decades, but recently moved into a house that had a tub so I needed one. My old images of these things involved frequent cleaning, mold and mildew, basically having to buy a new one on a fairly regular basis. So I lived with this one for several months before reviewing, and I have to say I am SO impressed. Mine still looks BRAND NEW after several months of use, and shows not one tiny sign of any mildew or even of a soap scum stain. Water and soap just wicks off this magic material, whatever it is. BTW, there was also NO odor to have to deal with, which I also recall from the bad old days was an issue. Apparently in the years since I've bought a shower curtain they've come a long way. Can't recommend this one enough.

Steve L.
Heavy duty, sturdy, no smell

By far the best shower liner that I have had. It's nice and heavy duty and it doesn't smell like. The grommets at the top make installation a snap as well as make it wear longer. Yeah, it's a shower liner but it feels much better made than others I have used in the past, including the inexpensive one "recommended" or "suggested" by the Ooala algorithms.

Lance S.
Quality product

For years, I have been annoyed by the shower curtain blowing in against me when the air/heat came on. This product is fantastic ! They replaced the useless magnets (cannot remember the last decade I was in a metal shower/tub where a magnet would actually work) along the bottom of the curtain with small, clear, decorative rocks. This actually does keep the curtain hanging straight down. Also, the thickness of the curtain demonstrates the quality of this product. Finally, I detected only a very faint and short-lived odor when removing the new product from packaging-- bathroom didn't smell like a shower curtain from the very beginning. VERY happy with purchase.

Jasmin C.
Almost perfect.

This thing is perfect! I have no complaints. It stays pretty clean meaning even when it is time to clean the tub, this curtain looks pretty darn clean! It doesn't blow or swing around and the magnets seem to work just fine. I would definitely buy this again, and recommend to others as a pretty good shower curtain liner.

Bella B.
Disappointed with the delivery

I am excited to get this product right away but I was disappointed with the delivery service. I’ve raised this to the customer reps, I think they are working to offer other delivery service now. I think I will still order again.

Travis B.
Great Quality, Great Price!

It's just a shower curtain liner, but it's awesome. Even though there are no magnets along the bottom it sticks to the inside of the tub, not my leg. The plastic extends past the grommets on the end, so it really prevents spray from escaping out the edges. It's seriously just way better than the ones I've always bought at Walgreen's.

Chad j.
Who knew a shower curtain liner could be wonderful?

I mean, I saw the reviews of people saying "wow! love my curtain liner! it's great!" and I was all calm down guys it's just a shower curtain liner. Then I received it, felt the thickness of the material, and after months of use I can happily say I have become that person because I'm also in love with my shower curtain liner. No overwhelming plastic smell, durable, thicker than most, stays clear and un-fogged over time from the hard water, and doesn't stick to itself when it's wet. A++

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Olive's Collection Heavy Weight Waterproof Shower Curtain | 150x180cm