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Hani V.
A must have!!

A must have for cloth diapering. Affordable and cute. Well made! I mostly have regular pockets in my collection, this one is a little different with the other leg elastic guard. Hopefully it will contain my little boy's blowouts! I Just wish this came with an insert! One must be added to the pocket before it can be used!

Happy C.
These look pretty good!

I'm actually really impressed with how the quality looks with these diapers! I've been a long time cloth diaper user and repairer and I'm excited to see how these hold up. My second little one isn't here yet to try them out so I'm only going with 4 stars for now but I'll come back in a few months and update to 5 if I can! Would really love to see more prints with these. I'd definitely buy more.

Archie R.
Cute diaper shells

Cute pattern, good fit. Overall I like these and have bought five so far. Does not have diaper inserts included, this is only the diaper shell.

Phineas b.
Great Pocket Diaper

This pocket diaper is the cutest. The only thing I would change is to make the pocket opening bigger, or stretchy. It's hard to get my hand in there, and I have small hands, so I can't stuff it thick enough to use as a nighttime diaper. Luckily, I have enough diapers that there are plenty others to use for nighttime and this one is strictly for daytime use.

Charity B.
they have done so good during the day that I would assume that if ...

This is such a cute little diaper! They fit really well and we haven't had any leaks...neither liquid or solid. With that said, I cannot speak about over nights because we do use disposable diapers for night time. But honestly, they have done so well during the day that I would assume that if you doubled up on the inserts that they most likely would not leak. We don't do it because I love my sleep and to be honest don't want to have to wake up in the middle of the night to strip down the bed and remake in the middle of the night, so I have just never attempted. But as I stated before, they have been wonderful and we absolutely love them! We even bought more after testing this one out.

Lesley L.
Great bargain

These are superb. They don't look cheap at all, have great vibrant colors and good seams. I've been cloth diapering for 4 years (2 kids) and my Melour have held up a lot better than the more expensive brands I bought with my first. If we have another child I will definitely buy some more Melour to replace a few of my bg that have seen better days

Jessa B.
Great diaper! If you’re on the fence about it, try it!

I’ve waited 3 months to write this review just to make sure that the diaper holds up! Overall I would say that the diaper is great!! It is very absorbent (especially when used with a charcoal bamboo insert). It has been washed countless times and there is no wear and tear or fading. It fit my baby when he was a newborn and now at 3 months old, being 16 pounds. Using these diapers we have never had any issues with diaper rashes, and my baby loves them! He seems very comfortable in them.
The ONLY thing I would say to keep in mind is that they can be somewhat bulky. This doesn’t bother me or my baby but sometimes I do have to put bigger sized clothes on him to accommodate the larger diaper. Usually I can get about 2-3 hours out of a diaper, which is great! Using about 10 a day works great for us, and if there is any poop we just spray it with a bidet hose into the toilet and toss it in the washer. No telling how much money this diaper has saved us! Worth a shot if you’re on the fence about it!

Roselyn R.
They are adjustable to size. Easy to use.

My daughter has used these diapers from the time her child was big enough to wear them. My granddaughter was a preemie and was a couple months before she was big enough for a proper fit. These, with the right inserts are better than disposable. They’re more absorbent, she has only had one or two slight rashes when the weather was warm. And I love the very large variety of colors and designs.

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