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Toni B.
New favorite inserts

I was looking to switch to bamboo inserts as my youngest son is an extremely heavy wetter. All my tricks I had used with my oldest in cloth were no longer working so I ordered these and the similar to my other bamboo inserts. These are much nicer than I have already. The elastic is sewn in and they feel very well constructed. They are very soft and I love that they can be used against my son's skin to offer better protection. They are smaller than all of our other inserts but it does not seem to affect absorbance. I feel like this gives it a more accurate fit to offer great protection from leaks. This is a great value. Will definitely be purchasing more.

Princess Q.
very happy

These are some very nice cloth diaper inserts. They work great, soak up lots of pee. They fit in my pocket diapers just fine. they look very similar to the other diaper inserts I have goten. They don't work overnight for my daughter, but she is a super soaker and I did not expect them too. Overall good quality and a great price. The wet bag is also very nice, I could fit about 6 wet diapers in the big pocket and 4 in the small one.

Durrel F.
Great product, for a great price!

These are bigger than I expected, and I like that. They hold up pretty good during the day, but I don't see them holding up well overnight. Most likely will need 2 for bedtime, but I expected that already too. There were no weird chemical smells. They were packaged nicely. For whatever reason, I expected color to wash off onto my son while using, but they do not. Overall, I'm happy with this purchase. Should I need more, I'll be back!

*Update: We've been using them for a bit now and still love them. I was right about needing at least 2 for bedtime. Again, I expected that though because my son is a heavy wetter. Even with disposables he would wake up soaked.*

Sede T.

Love these! I have been using these for several months now. I appreciate that they are not bulky on my petite little girl and yet they are still very absorbent. Several of my mama friends have commented that they'd like some inserts that don't show stains. The wet bag has been great - small, just enough for the diaper bag on an outing, two separate pockets so that I can shove a few clean in one and dirties in the other.

Diane W.

I love these inserts! I can use just one of them for 2 hours and it holds perfect.

Marian D.
I love the absorbency and how well they wash

Bought these thinking I would need extra; which I don't. I love the absorbency and how well they wash. I soak them in a bucket of borax and a squirt of dawn dish soap. I also add vinegar in the wash to help neutralize odor, deodorize and enhance cleanliness. Vinegar is a great to use and serves as a natural bleach. It is helpful to wash them as instructed. My baby can wear these for about 2 hours.

Gabby B.
Very absorbent

Love it! It's soft and very absorbent. Works great with just a cover. Used on my 2month old, a little long but folded it in front and works to wash them as instructed. My baby can wear these for about 2 hours. great. Will be buying it again! Does take a little longer to dry (hang drying) than pocket inserts.

Cory D.
Very satisfied!!! Really absorbent

I absolutely love these inserts. I went from doubling up microfiber inserts to only having to put one of these in a pocket diaper. And when you add it to an AIO diaper it's the perfect combo for overnight. I love the wet bag also, you can never have enough of them.

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