Racrt Portable Single Head Stethoscope | Professional Cardiology Tool

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Cherry S.
Great Stethoscope! Very Good Quality and Value

This is an excellent stethoscope. I was expecting it to be more on the level of a toy due to the low price. Even then I was not too concerned because many times you can still hear your heartbeat with those
When I received it I was so surprised how professional it was. It is very heavy and of great quality. You can definitely say this is a GREAT DEAL.

Lance S.
Critical care RN

Great stethoscope for the price. Quality product with a budget-friendly price. This was a great replacement. I need a stethoscope to listen to multiple trauma patients in the ED. This is easy to clean and works well. It’s nice to have an inexpensive one that can be bleached after isolation patients as well.

Jasmin C.
Better than I expected!!

I really like the feel of this new stethoscope. The material of the tubing is quite nice and lightweight and I don’t believe it will be susceptible to becoming sticky or losing its Flexibility. The earpieces are very comfortable and the sound of Auscultation is very clear. This stethoscope is definitely rated a five on a 1 to 5 scale.

Bella B.
Amazing price

I was a little skeptical about this stethoscope because the price was very low compare to what I pay for other brands. I work in the emergency room so this is a must for me. This is a very heavy duty unlike those isolations and one-time use stethoscopes. The sound quality is loud and clear.

Kelly H.
Great sound

I got this for work, as we share the same ones at work. I thought that for the price they were going to be the flimsy type that you could barely hear. But it was the opposite. Great quality and sturdy. Have great sound quality. I would definitely recommend it.

Sabrina P.
This thing is a lifesaver.

My daughter is frequently sick, and we're always running to the doctor. I love that I can listen to her lungs at home; it's been wonderful having the peace of mind that comes with using a professional piece of equipment. I would definitely recommend it to those whose children have frequent health concerns or any parent who just wants that little bit of reassurance that their kiddo is okay.

Jane S.
Excellent quality

Needed a stethoscope for sleuthing a plumbing leak within the walls. It worked very well and everyone in the family got a kick out listening to heartbeats as well. The stethoscope is made of quality materials and works as described.

Melody E.
Great quality for the price

As a nurse and homeschooling mom, I was in search of a stethoscope to allow my young sons to practice auscultating lung and heart sounds. Enter this product. I was able to clearly auscultate their lung and heart sounds, and they practiced listening to their own sounds, as well as each other. This stethoscope looks great and has a great listening quality for the price!

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Racrt Portable Single Head Stethoscope | Professional Cardiology Tool