Boywinx Cat Natural Sisal Rope for Scratching Post Tree Replacement | 2mm Diameters

Size: 25 meters


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Amy J.L.
Great for re-wrapping my cat's scratching post

his rope works great for the purpose I bought it for--which is re-furnishing a cat scratch post. I simply hot glue this rope and tightly coil it around the old cat scratch post in order to get more life out of it. This rope works great for that purpose. When it frays it tends to stay together a bit better than some rope--resulting in less mess to clean up. Getting 50 meters in a package provides me with plenty of rope to re-do the cat scratch post two or three times.

*Good quality
*Good quantity
*Works great for a cat scratch post
*Pet safe

*A little bit expensive. Can find this cheaper (-1/2 a star)

Additional Considerations:
If you are using this for a cat post make sure you get the other materials needed to secure the rope. Personally I use hot glue to secure the rope to the post (did want staples hurting their paws).

Overall: 4.5/5 stars (>=.5 rounds up, 5 stars

If you have any further questions regarding the product in my review please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Marissa M.
Exactly what I wanted

The rope is thick, but perfect for my project. I didn't want to replace my old 1970's chain lights (I'd rather repurpose/reuse things), so I saw this idea on Pinterest and am really pleased how it turned out.

Nikki S.
Might want to measure the length...

I bought two spools of 50 mter rope to wrap around posts for a cat condo. The quality is great, as expected, but the spools weren't the same length. One is either more than 50 mters. or shorter. -- I didn't measure so I'm not sure which one it is, but they weren't equal lengths. (these posts are 6 ft. tall, in case anyone was wondering)

Kayla H.
I need more!

I have purchased many, many an overpriced cat scratching posts and cat furniture over the years. I have been trying to reduce my carbon footprint in recent years and getting better at diy projects thankfully. This is the perfect project for the frugally minded and also those that loath to just toss an otherwise perfectly fine scratching post after their cat(s) have clawed their way through the rope. This rope thickness is just like the original rope that was on my cats' scratching post. It has also been the perfect solution for spots on my cat tower where the carpet has become frayed and falling apart. After finding it somewhat difficult to cut the carpet off, I just wrapped it right over the damaged stuff & it turned out great, IMO!
Just as a fyi: learn from my experience if you try this yourself... I found that after time, what I thought was tightly wrapped, once the cats tear at it, settled and look loose because gaps showed up. So my 2nd try with the tower, I wrapped it extra tight and so far it is holding up much better. I need to get some more so the cat tower is not such an eyesore and it's more functional for my cats' scratching needs as well!

Suraksha K.R.
Sisal rope (Mexico)

The sisal rope was wrapped in plastic and tied in four places so it was both clean and easy to unravel. Excellent thickness for a cat scratching post. 50meters of cordage covered two feet of a 4x4 post with room to spare. I would recommend this diameter over the 1/4 inch as it makes the wrapping go faster and it's a sturdier thickness when your cat(s) goes at it. At someone's advice, I tamped down the wrapped rope with a rubber mallet after every couple of inches of wrapping, which made the wrapping tight by the time I reached the top. If you don't do so, the twine will pull down after your cat uses it for a while and you'll end up with bare post at the top.

Luz R.
Great for diy projects

Perfectly thick, attractive rope for DIY projects. I was able to cut it myself using some middle of the road scissors and used hot glue to keep the knots in place. I would absolutely recommend it for the price.

Natalie G.
Cat Condo Claw Compatible

I used this to wrap the legs of a cat condo. The cats claw at it all the time and the rope takes it like a champ.

Jennifer W.
Great quality, for a cat tree go thinner

I bought this to use on a cat tree I built. The quality is good, it doesnt have any oiliness or odor and is specified as pet safe. In retrospect I wish I had bought a thinner rope because I found this difficult to wrap around the posts. Not impossible, I got it done and it looks good but a 1/4" or so diameter would have been easier to work with. Also, would have been easier to secure the ends. I used small U-nails but it was a stretch to get them to hold due to the thickness of the rope. Would buy from this company again.

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Boywinx Cat Natural Sisal Rope for Scratching Post Tree Replacement | 2mm Diameters