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Jessica A.
Really fast results

I noticed the results immediately! I've dealt with puffiness under my eyes for years and found these eye masks have softened my puffiness and the Hyaluronic Acid brightened the look of my eye area and they smell great. I would recommend these to anyone struggling with puffiness.

Pinky S.
Best part of my skin care routine

I love these so much! They’ve become apart of my nightly skincare routine. I have puffiness around my eyes and I have literally seen such an improvement using these and I’m almost done with the box. When I take them off it looks like I’ve already had a good nights sleep. I put them on after cleansing my face, using Hyaluronic Acid and moisturizer and I let them sit for about 30 minutes. I highly recommend these they honestly do everything they say they do.

Kendra K.
They really do work

For the longest time I've had what I call "tired mom eyes". It's absolutely horrible! I searched for everything with the best rating. After day 2 my bags are almost invisible. The best part about it is you can't even tell you're wearing them, and they stay where you put them. I'll definitely be continuing to use these.

Eli M.
Suitable for puffy eyes and dark circles. 

These eye masks are great! Initially, this low price made me doubt its effect, but after a week of use. This surprised me. Because I feel that the dark circles under my eyes are obviously diluted a lot. Store it in the refrigerator and remove it when you use it.  Because it makes you cooler and more relaxed. I hope it is enough to support me until the dark circles disappear. 

Steffany N.

I rotate these between morning and night use with my skin care. I love these even though I hate face masks. Entire face covered makes me feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable. But just under the eyes is great! I apply these for 10 minutes while I do my hair. Then I apply my under eye cream and do makeup. My eyes are instantly brighter but more importantly they aren’t dry. This helps my concealer not crease.

Jamaica G.
They Actually Work

I bought these with a gift card as a treat for myself. I have constant dark circles and occasional puffiness when I don't sleep as much as I should. They definitely reduce puffiness and wrinkles I think they also make my dark circles less prominent right after use. I sometimes save the extra serum, tray and wrapper and use the patches a second time - they don't stick as well, but they still have some effect, especially when a few drops of hyaluronic acid are added before application. I still have several packages left and I was thrilled that these work as well as they do.

Donna C.
Helps reduce my under eye puffiness

If you're reading this then you're like me and read reviews before purchasing. I read other reviews and have a couple notes about some. One person said you could use a cold spoon, well, maybe, but I'm not going to walk around my house with a cold spoon, nor would it stay on my face to allow me to walk around. Second, some people said they didn't stick to their skin: I think this has to do if you applied them to a clean face or a freshly moisturized face. You need to make sure your face is clean and dry for them to stick on. I feel like that's just common sense, but maybe not.
Now to my own experience. I notice a difference when I use these. I like the cooling affect they have and they smell nice too. I have had no problem with them staying put on my face and I move around a fair amount when they are on. I put them on in the morning and then go about getting dressed and doing my hair.
Oh and if you have a little girl they will think this is the most amazing thing if you do a spa day at home with them like I did with my daughter.
I will definitely purchase again.

Cristine N.
Soothing for tired puffy eyes

Love these under eye masks! I put them on before bed and they are really relaxing. Even if I am doing stuff around the house they stay put. I have only been using them for about a week but they seem to help with the puffiness under my eyes and they feel really good!

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Beauzee Eye Mask Patches Serum, Reduces Dark Circles, Repair Eye Bags & Lines | Hyaluronic Acid