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Mariano B.
Excellent purchase. Helped me love riding again.

I've found a love for riding again, thanks to a combination of this gel seat cover and padded underwear. I'm a 49 year old male who's overweight at 240 pounds. I've been on 4 seven mile rides with this cover now. It stays in place and I'm very glad I purchased it.

Janno H.
Great Buy

I really couldn’t be happier with this seat cover so far. I’ve used it for about 3 weeks now on my bowflex c6 spin bike and it’s held up well. I have it cinched down tightly but it doesn’t move, which was a concern to me. There are rubberized dots on the inside that may help keep it in place. It also has a cinch cord to tighten and some ribbons you can tie together. It fits my bike like a charm and takes the pressure off my rear. I’m a relatively newbie to riding and this allows me to ride 45 mins without issue in and out of the saddle. I’m very pleased with this purchase and wouldn’t hesitate to buy again. Will update should anything happen!

Mark W.
Saved my BUTT..!!!

I really like this little thing..... It saved my butt!!!!!!!!!! I bought a mountain bike for some dirt road riding. But, most of the time I am on a paved trail.. That said, the bike seat just killed my butt.. I tried padded shorts, butt butter, etc, etc... Nothing was helping. This went on for over a year... Then, I saw this, and saw that people were happy with it... So, I tried it!!!! SAVED.. My butt is now much happier!!!!!! Was easy to install, has held up good for the time I have had it. Stays on good. Was afraid it might slip off easy, but so far, doing great.. Would I recommend it,,,,, ABSOLUTELY... Something better might come along later, but, for now, this is the item to get to save your butt...

Van H.M.
Better than a new seat!

After trying 3 different seats on my bike and still finding myself uncomfortable on every ride, I decided to give this a try. My husband commutes by bike and insisted that I just needed to ride more often and my seat would feel fine. So, of course, I didn't listen and proceeded to order this... I'm so glad I did! After a few adjustments (I had to lower my seat a bit to accommodate the height of the seat cover) I went on the first comfortable ride on my bike in the multiple years that I've owned it! Wish I would've tried this before new seats!

Heidi S.
My tooshy thanks you.

I have a bike with a pretty uncomfortable seat. I couldn't ride very far without a pretty substantial amount of pain. This seat cover really helps a lot. I had to adjust the seat down a little because of the height of the pad. But it really looks good and it fits the seat perfectly. Happy with this purchase.

Vincent B.
100% Agree with the Positive Reviews!

I put this on my new spin bike. And it’s amazing. It doesn’t slide around... AT ALL! After having this I cannot see ever not using one again. I will definitely buy another if it wears out, but to be honest I’m not sure it will because it is made so well. Honestly, I think this is very underpriced for what you get. I would’ve been happy paying $29 for this. It’s a complete steal at this price.

Joanna M.
Huge improvement for spin class

I recently started spin classes. It only took me one session to figure out that I needed a cushion if I was going to stick with it. This arrived in time for my second class and it provided a huge improvement. My gym has Livestrong bikes with narrow seats (probably standard for most spin bikes) and this fit perfectly.

Charmaine M.
Husband loves it

Got this for my husband's new mountain bike. His seat was incredibly hard. He uses his bike for a short commute to work too and he said this makes it much more comfortable to ride. Only thing he doesn't like is the the strings dangle and don't stay tied up.

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