SolidStroke 7-pcs Professional Paint Brush Set for Miniature Painting



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Sabrina P.
Good little brushes

I like to do paint by numbers, but the brushes that come with the kits either don't last or the wrong size. The brushes held up well and you have a great variety for your application.

Jane S.
They're nice and pointy

Ahhhhh! I am doing some Paint By Numbers and these brushes have saved my sanity. They're nice and pointy, good for doing tiny corners. The handles are wood and feel really nice, good quality, and pretty. Thanks!

Allan P.
So far these have been the best paint brushes to hold a good tip that I've ...

So far these have been the best paint brushes to hold a good tip that I've found, especially for the price. I paint small scale sculptures, not quite miniatures - sculpts about 3" in height out of polymer clay. I wear through tips on brushes fast if I'm not super careful with care. I have bought some on here that were way more expensive and frayed mid-use the first time using them. These are really great. Just make sure to take proper care of them. Don't overly dip in the paint. Don't mix paint with them, use an older brush or toothpick, or anything else! Be gentle when rinsing the paint from them. Use light soapy water. Press bristles to restore to the original point when drying and keep in a container with bristles up. At least that's what I do, I keep my brushes about 6 months to a year.

Bella B.
Great price, pretty good brushes!

They aren't perfect, but for an entry-level painter, they work great! My brush control isn't good enough yet to justify needle nose precision, so I'm happy with these. Great variety too.

Kelly H.
Good For Any Level Artist

Just what I need for fine lines. Very pretty brushes. Easy to hold. Made well.

Ashton B.
Just what I needed for my art.

I dabble with watercolor pens. I have Arteza pens and Kuretake pens--these brushes help a lot with accurately (as in, keeping the colors inside the lines) blending the colors in my pieces together since my pieces are usually intricate and detailed.

Michael F.
Great detail brushes

These are great detail brushes, especially for the price! They are easy to hold and seem to be made of good materials. My only issue is that the bristles do spread/get messed up easily which makes detail work harder. But based on the frequency with which I use paintbrushes, I'm not sure there are any brands that can prevent regular wear and tear! Just make sure to treat them with care and they should last a while. I definitely recommend this product.

Nikko M.
Nice little brushes for detail painting

Not likely the best brush ever made, but perfectly suitable for little details. For some reason, these tiny brushes seem to absorb more paint than expected and it takes a little effort to really clean them to like new.

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SolidStroke 7-pcs Professional Paint Brush Set for Miniature Painting