Teis Stainless Steel Mesh Tea Ball Strainer

Size: 4.5cm


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Roma S.
Perfect sizes!

These tea infusers are perfect, they cover every size needed. I've put them in the dishwasher, steeped boiling tea, and used them many times now. They hold up great and are all one would need size-wise. Thanks!

Pinky S.
good tea infuser

I like this kind of tea infuser. It's good if you like to make a tea in the teapot.
Usually working well for a 5-6-month. After that break up for two parts.
Easy to clean, good size.

Kendra K.
Use for spices

These are fabulous everyone. I use these for the seasoning package that comes with corned beef. It keeps the seeds and spices from getting into the rest of the food that you boil with it. I would highly recommend these, especially for corned beef.

Elsa R.
good strainers

good size for all different uses.
Bought different sizes. I used the smallest one as a tea strainer in my mug. Plan to use the big one to hold seasonings for cooking.

Claudia G.
worth the money

I love these tea balls. I use the large one most often. I use it in my five cup teapot. It is just large enough to let the leaves expand without cramping them. If you like to brew loose leaf tea, this is a nice set to have.

Marivic L.
Works great

Great for making a cup of tea or use both for making a larger batch for ice tea. Easy to clean and the fine mesh doesn't let much material through.

Toni B.
Good infuser

It’s was a little hard to use when I first got it but works like a charm. The hook is bendable so it can clamp to the rim of your cup easily. Definitely worth the price

Princess Q.
Versatile product

I really like these strainers. I use them for many things, besides just tea. If you are making something using spices that need to be strained out (like corned beef), these are so handy. They hook right to the side of the pot, and when you are done cooking, you just pull them out, and your broth is clear. Well made, and handy little accessory. Well made, so you can immerse them and they withstand boiling. Each one holds plenty, as they are a nice size (think golf ball size). Very happy with my purchase.

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Teis Stainless Steel Mesh Tea Ball Strainer