Fixle Portable Beauty Equipment Skin care Spot Removal Pen

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Eli M.
It Does What It Says It Does

This product does what it says it will do. It came with a full charge. I have used it to remove moles and skin tags successfully. It is easy to use. As mentioned there is a stinging sensation when removing moles and skin tags; however, I find that the sensation is worse if you touch the skin around the skin tag or mole. Also, this stinging is worth it for the payoff. You are saving a ton of money removing moles and skin tags at home.

Amber M.
It works, it smarts!

I attacked a big mole I've had for a long time with the bigger needles. It burns a tiny bit; you can smell it. It starts, but it's more irritating than truly painful. (lidocaine cream helps) it scabbed over and a couple of days later fell off. It left a small red spot, slightly raised and I'm going after that, now. I am using it on a tattoo and some other moles. It seems to work the same on everything. takes time. be patient. but yep. it works fine

Amy B.

I'm shocked that this product really works as described, it’s extremely easy to use, I used it for my small skin tags. I highly recommend this tool.

Pamela M.
works great

I like this product! Worked great for me, it was amazing using this tool and seeing them disappear in front of my eyes, this really works! Good product!

Bonna S.

I was a bit hesitant to purchase this product as I get this done by a professional. I'm so glad that I bit the bullet and bought it! It arrived perfectly packaged and swift. I watched the video and performed in a small area and was surprised by the immediate results. I definitely recommend using the #1 setting at first until you get the hang of it. It does provide a shock and if you're not prepared you might slip or drop the device. It does smell and you will see a spark but it goes away fairly quickly. Good luck!

Jessica A.
It works really well, is NOT painless

The feeling is not unlike getting a tattoo. I have lots of tattoos, so it doesn't bother me, but it is far from painless. It does work, however. You need to keep the needle cleaned (after every few zaps). I would also recommend the scary little needles over the big needle. It's a good product, and I'm happy with my purchase.

Steffany N.
Working so far...

I am still in the healing phase so I don’t know if I scarred my skin yet or not, but I was able to zap off like 20 milia which were so satisfying haha! The instructions are super vague, watch a couple of YouTube videos before you use it.

Sarah W.
Easy to use

Works great! This tool works quickly to remove skin tags and blemishes. It comes with several varieties of tips for the appropriate size you are needing and type of skin tag you are seeking to remove, very satisfied with the purchase. Seriously,
I am surprised this was so affordable when spas and salons charge so much for this same treatment.

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Fixle Portable Beauty Equipment Skin care Spot Removal Pen