Darkzen Waterproof Match Lighter | Outdoor Survival Tool, Flint Stone Striker

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Michael D.
Easy to Use/Great for Survival or Emergency Preparedness

While backpacking i'm always worried my matched will get wet or my lighter will run out of fuel. I always carry backups in case of that happening. I love how the survival match fixes this issue. I never have to worry about making a fire because the fuel lasts and lasts. Also, I now have flint and steel with me if something does happen to the fuel. I've seen some reviews that this is hard to use. I just watched the video on the page and it was easy to understand and get up and running. I'm glad I got this and have one less thing to worry about. Also, since it came with 3 I now have 2 gifts to give to two other people in my life or I have extras for emergency preparedness.

Richard A.
You can’t beat INSTANT fire!

Instant fire starter that fits anywhere. Great for impromptu campfires in the mountains. Well packaged. Note: you need to add lighter fluid so keep this away from children.

Sarah W.
Use lighter fluid, not kerosene.

Arrived intact. Filled with lighter fluid, wet the wick and as the instruction say, strike the flint several times to remove the black coating. Lights each time as long as the wick has fluid on it. One suggestion is to cover the opening with your thumb as you strike the steel on flint, reduces spilling and the chance that a spark or flame gets into the lighter.

Eli M.
Works great

It worked just as advertise after striking it a few times to get the coating off. It works very nicely ! I would definitely recommend this product and actually kept one for myself and handed the rest out to my friends

Steffany N.
Awesome Keychain Lighter

Happy with this keychain lighter and fire starter. Great for emergency preparedness kit but especially excited to use for starting fires while camping instead of using matches.

Michael J.
Fast service. Very good item

I am just getting into buying items for prepping, at least the non-food items. The permanent matches are great and does allow one not to worry about not having regular matches available or that they have become unusable due to getting wet. When the time comes, these should be a life saver, when needed.

Amber M.
Very handy device

These things are really cool and handy. I gave a few out to family and friends who are into outdoor activities. My nephew added it to his "bug-out" bag. I use mine to light my grill.

Amy B.

These are really neat. A novelty when shown to adults. Got as little gifts to those fascinated with it.

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Darkzen Waterproof Match Lighter | Outdoor Survival Tool, Flint Stone Striker