Onen 12 Pcs. Bullet Journal Stencils Set for Scrapbook Planner, Notebook & more DIY Creation



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Lady L.

The stencils are the perfect size for my bullet journal pages. There is just about every design that I could possibly need. They are thoughtfully packaged with black background to make them easy to see. I bought a second set for my daughter and she loved them.

Penelope C.
Very cute bullet journal stencils

I like these stencils for a few reasons: They hold up to most pens/markers without staining; they are flexible but sturdy; they have lots of designs on them which make it easy to customize what you are using them for; and they are easily kept together with a simple ring or in a binder!

Cynthia W.
thicker than many other bujo stencils here

I would have liked some more of the main words I use for a lot of pages, and I would have liked non-script month names, but for the price they are far and above better than many of the other sets (many of the others have misspelled words, these don't).

Jayson T.
This stencil create journaling fun

The stencils I have received a really a great tool for journaling or just having stencil fun like I do I actually started using the stencils in my new journal and they’re really great if you just look at the photo I’ve taken how it enhanced my writing And how it put color into it it’s really a great journaling to or just to have fun if I need to ever buy stencils I would purchase from this seller again or if I see other stencils from the seller I would buy them when I’m able to it’s really a great journey into I’m having fun with and you can too.

James M.
Great variety of shapes!

The stencils are just the right weight, the plastic is thin enough to be flexible and thick enough to not distort while you are tracing. The size is perfect to tuck right into an envelope in the back of my journal. I used a fine-tip marker, and had no problems with getting a consistent line. I didn't have the issues mentioned in earlier reviews...All of my shapes were completely and cleanly punched out. I am confident I will get a lot of use out of these.

Julius W.
Awesome Stencil Set

I wasn't aware when I ordered these that they came as a set. There's 12 total 'pages' of stencils and they're ALL awesome. There's a really nice variety so they could really be used for anything ... from card making to bullet journaling to scrapbooking, I was really impressed with this set. I use them on my desk pad calendar sometimes just to make it look cuter :)

Brian T.
I am very pleased with these stencils

I am very pleased with these stencils. They work perfectly for my purpose. It would be better if these were tinted or a color other than white because sometimes it is hard to see the edges on white paper, BUT the vast array of shapes is so worth the money!!!

Leah S.
Wonderful Templates

These are very thin, lightweight templates which make them easy to use with my ultra-fine tip pens. This set has every shape, letter, number, and even logos for social media outlets! They tuck nicely into my dot journal without adding bulk. Great product!

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Onen 12 Pcs. Bullet Journal Stencils Set for Scrapbook Planner, Notebook & more DIY Creation