Onen 20 Pcs. Bullet Journal Stencils Set for Scrapbook Planner, Notebook & more DIY Creation



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Jack T.
Strong, durable and cute!

These are really cute. I tested them out of an LCD pad because they're for a gift and I didn't want to get them dirty. Haha They worked great. I just wish they came in some type of envelope so you can store them without the chance of losing or breaking one. They seem durable and as long as you don't bend them they shouldn't break. Some patterns are kind of the same, maybe slightly different sizes. But I feel like there's a pretty variety.

Richard W.
Individually Wrapped - good to preserve

They were exactly as described. 20 plastic stencils. What I really like is that they were individually in their own slim plastic "case"/bag. Since they are plastic, this is great individual protection so that none of the more intricate (less simplistic than a circle or square for example) would catch, bend, or break. Plus, it made it easier for storage and to see the designs. The bags have a dark side which allows the stencils to really be seen. The stencils themselves are also numbered (a small stencil in the corner).

Riley T.
Useful for using my planners...

What a great price for this many stencils! Besides that, they work extremely well. I just hold it down while I trace, so it would probably work better if I taped it down. There are a few of the shapes that are repeated in different stencils, but each stencil also has shapes/wordings that the others don't have. I ended giving some of them to a friend. I also like how each one is numbered. Another thing, there are shapes that will work with both a larger planner and a smaller one. I use both

Anton Y.
Great value... loads of options

Got this for my kid who is into journaling. She loves it! There are so many different designs and sizes. One thing we noticed was that sometimes the pencil or pen can’t always get into corners or small spaces in the stencil... so a few come out a bit incomplete... but overall the product is great and well worth the buy.

Travis W.
Very nice set!

I like them.
This is not the fault of the product because they are exactly as described, but I realize I prefer harder plastic stencils because I make mistakes with these when my pen slips under them...
But for the price wow... So many design and a good starter set to try things out!

Steve D.
Sturdy quality, high quantity, low price!’

I was very pleased when my set arrived. They are made of plastic, not cardboard, like many of the local craft stores offer, and this was less than half the price if the paper ones! Cute stencil pictures. You’ll need a fine tipped pen/marker for the small openings on these. I can use a 0.7mm for some, but others need 0.3. I’m looking forward to using these extensively in my bullet journal. The 20 sheets come with some duplicating of stencils.

Travis B.
Good product, great for journaling.

Received the stencils quickly. They are fun and easy to use. There were a couple of the stencils that were not stamped out completely, but after carefully working with the cut out they came out no problems. Only one design did not stamp out well, a very intricate design, one side of the scroll was broken in the design, but the other side was fine. So, could still be used. There are 20 sheets of many different designs to use. I have enjoyed using them in my journal and on my Art Trading Cards. The stencil pages are thin, but easy to use. I would suggest to handle carefully, best recommended for older kids and adults. Good product, would buy again.

Chad j.
Good variety!

This was a repeat order. I had bought them before and my granddaughter more or less borrowed them and I never got them back. She was quite pleased with them. I also am pleased with the assortment and ease of use. Just wish they were a bit thicker so they would stay in place when you do some of the more intricate designs. But overall they are satisfactory.

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Onen 20 Pcs. Bullet Journal Stencils Set for Scrapbook Planner, Notebook & more DIY Creation