Kiex Wall Hanging Storage Bags with 3 Pockets for Bedroom & Bathroom

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Aurora S.
Great Organizers for RVs / Travel Trailers

I bought these to put into our travel trailer. They are waterproofed which is nice, and hold quite a bit. We're using one near the bed area in the trailer and the other in the bathroom to hold extra toilet paper and wipes. I hung them with two command hooks each, plus 6 picture hanging Velcro-style command strips on the back to keep them from swinging around during transport. It's holding well so far, even though some super-hot days!

Melissa R.
Great way to organize laundry accessories!

I got these to maximize storage in my laundry closet, and wasn't disappointed! I put a spring rod above my dryer and hung these from S hooks on either side. They're perfect for rags, lost socks, and mesh dryer bags. If you're wondering about the size: one pocket holds three bra dryer bags, and another holds a few mesh bags of different sizes. I highly recommend these as a way to get and stay, organized.

Avery C.
Simple and Attractive Solution

I was hoping for something to tidy up the area just inside my doorway, where things either get left laying as I rush in the door or are laid out waiting for me when I rush out. I've got a small umbrella in it, some odds and ends mail that isn't urgent but isn't trash, sunglasses over the side, and more, and it doesn't look like I'm just laying my junk around. Oh, oh, it's magic, you know...
I decided to hang another one in the guest room, so when I have company, they can stash stuff neatly, too. I'm a happy camper.

Chenny P.
Exactly as expected!

Good size wall storage. Super cute! As long as you read reviews you'll get the size of the pockets. I have one by my door to hold keys, batteries, and mail. And the other is in my bathroom and holds hair, face, and skin products.

Arrah G.
Love these!

It was a great price. I have been using them for months now. They're durable, sturdy & well made. I was pleased to see that the pockets are actually a bit bigger than they look so they hold more than I thought that they would. If I ever have the need, I will definitely buy more!

Leah S.
Great organizational product

I have two sets of this product hanging in my bathroom over the door. It keeps my smaller bathroom very organized. I use the storage pockets for Q-Tips, Various hair clips and bobby pins, combs, and small brushes. They look great.

Katrina R.
Works well

Super awesome organizer! If you’re looking for something heavy-duty, that can hold a ton of stuff, this probably isn’t for you. However, I hang it in the bathroom and fill it with all of my son’s bath time things and it works perfectly.

Kimberly H.
Very pretty and sturdy

We use one to hold some produce, just 3 or 4 little potatoes, and some peppers and garlic. It holds well for that with a sturdy command hook. The other one holds pull-ups, diapers, and a pack of wipes for quick changes at night. Works beautifully :) I wouldn't put super heavy stuff in it, but the materials are surprisingly sturdy feeling. Also, very pretty looks exactly like the picture, colors are true.

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Kiex Wall Hanging Storage Bags with 3 Pockets for Bedroom & Bathroom