TEAXIE Tea Infuser Filter Stainless Steel Tea Ball Strainer with Leaf shaped Silicone Handle

Color: orange


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Melody P.

Was really surprised by this one! Usually the holes are big enough my loose leaf tea still gets into my cup, but I don’t have that problem with this one! Also love that it comes with this little leaf water catcher, so I can put it on there instead of a paper towel once I’m done using it! Would love more styles and colors but I truly enjoy this one 💚

Rosalie J.
Better than I was expecting, convenient and easy

Honestly, I was a little surprised these were so nice. They rinse out super easily, they pop in really securely, I haven't had any problem with them coming open in the cup. The first couple times it might be a pain to get the silicone top to go into the metal steeper, but just fiddle with them a little. They are pretty snug, but that also keeps them from opening up. If you have a super finely ground loose tea, you'll probably still get some particles in the cup( it kinda looks like ground pepper in the bottom), but whatever comes through has always stayed in the bottom of the cup, so I don't really end up swallowing it. If that does bother you, you'll probably need to find a diffuser that has a fine mesh. But these are super cute and really easy to use and clean, love them!

Katie S.
Very nice infusers.

Very nice set of infuser. The little trays are a handy item also. Are they perfect? No, you will get some floaters when using tea that is on the fine side particle wise, but then again you should really use a screen mesh infuser if floaters bother you. :)

For large herbal or full leaf tea, these are just right.

Oh..and yes, they will float a bit until your tea is fully soaked. Then they settle down.

Jonna M.
So cute

I love these infusers. They're so cute, and easy to use. Only issue is that they like to try floating when you first put it in so beware of some hot water sputtering at you as it sinks.

Ritch A.
Works as intended, and adorable.

Bought it for boyfriend’s mom, she loves tea but doesn’t get much. So I bought her fancy loose leaf tea, and this steeper. It’s a little bigger than expected but it holds about 2 tablespoons worth of leaves. Which is great for a cup of coffee for one! And it’s adorable!

Apple B.
Perfect for tea lovers

I use the tea infusers several times a week, and almost all week ends. It was necessary for me to have a lot of them!
They are easy to fill, easy to close and easy to clean afterwards. They can go in the dishwasher which is really convenient.
When filled with tea, they float at the surface thanks to air trapped inside so you don't have to burn your fingers to remove them from your mug.
Beware, it's not compatible with tea powder or really small dry leaves pieces, since it will pass through the holes of the infuser. Use decent size dry leaves or pieces.
I had family visiting a few weeks ago, they discovered and loved them too!

Sharon F.

I wanted this for the exact purpose of working with an adorable mug I got earlier this year. It works great and diffuses loose leaf tea very nicely. Also the color is the bright lime green as shown.
Happy tea drinking.

Genevieve A.
I Love Them!

These are so much fun! As some reviewers have pointed out, SOME small bits of tea do leak out of the little holes. But the tea I use with them is a larger size chunk, and what little leaks through isn't an issue. I appreciate that the tip of the leaf sticks out high enough that I can remove the infuser without getting my fingers into the hot water, or having to dirty a spoon. One thing I didn't consider, though, is that I have a cat who loves to play with anything silicone (he's weird) and so I'm missing one of the little trays until I discover his new hiding spot. :/ But the product itself I'm very happy with. As a bonus, the silicone has a nice, not-plastic feel to it. Easy to use and clean. Pleasant colors.

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TEAXIE Tea Infuser Filter Stainless Steel Tea Ball Strainer with Leaf shaped Silicone Handle