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Jessica A.
Good quality

Good quality and durability, much better than any other cup holder, no worries about spilling anything on the stroller, easy to install and keep clean .Made by Cupaholic, company with best customer service. Highly recommended

Eli M.
Really good item. It has improved the experience of using

Really good item. It has improved the experience of using the stroller. Besides we can put any size of bottle in it, we can hang the bags on it. I love it.

Bonna S.

The Cupaholic cup holder is a must-have for every stroller owner! It’s very sturdy (not flimsy like other ones on the market) and comfortably grips everything from water bottles, paper/plastic disposable coffee cups, my toddler’s sippy cups, etc. Must have accessory to keep yourself caffeinated and hydrated and your child’s bottle or cup at an easy reach. Highly recommend to other moms on-the-go!

Robin P.
Sturdy cup holder

I’m so glad we got this cup holder. We have been using the parent organizer and our drinks splash all over the back of the seat. I was hesitant to get this cup holder as we have had the similar design cup holders for our travel stroller and there is too much swivel in the holder and our drinks slowly tip or spill when we hit the bumpy or uneven pavement. This doesn’t seem to budge so it’s great for city sidewalks.

Steffany N.
Easy to use but a little pricey

I like the design for this cup holder and with the attachment they send you, you can fit this to multiple strollers. However, the price for this cup holder is a little too much. I don't think it's worth more than $13, to be honest.

Amber M.
Love the Cupaholic cup holder

Love the Cupaholic cup holder, especially during these hot summer months. Easy to install but given the location of where to clip on the cup to the stroller, it makes it awkward to collapse the stroller and the holder itself is prone to un-clipping. I think there could definitely be a better way to have access to more storage compartments/cup holders on this stroller but the item itself is great!

Amy B.
A must have for your stroller

Perfect for my little one’s stroller, extremely sturdy!

Sarah W.
Best cup holder

I've used different cup-holders and this one stands out.As it clips on very easy and the cup is very big and has a great look. Love this one. Must get for a great price

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