Muar Stroller Organizer Multifunctional Adjustable Baby Stroller Storage Bag

Color: Light Blue


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Barbara J.
Great little organizer

This little stroller organizer fits the bill! It moves easily from my big britax to the portable maclaren umbrella stroller with a swipe of the Velcro straps. It is perfect for keys, phone, a (small) drink or two, and a few diapers or toys. It works great for us, and the price was right! It seems sturdy and well made.

Melissa R.
Fits well

I'm pleased with this purchase. I use it on an umbrella stroller and fits well. Fits my big water bottle without any problem and the baby's too. I like that it has a pocket on the outside for change or to put candies. Sturdy enough to carry like I said the 2 water bottles, food, and more things without falling or dripping. Good choice

Avery C.
I love this.

The stroller we received at our baby shower was one that was without any sort of storage for myself or my husband while using it. We purchased this because of the many pockets and that it could easily fit onto almost any stroller handle. The Velcro straps held well too! I had my full 40oz water bottle, phone, keys, and wallet in the organizer, and the Velcro still didn’t budge. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs the extra stroller storage for the smaller things.

Chenny P.
Game changer

I don't know why it took me so long to get one. I originally got it for our trip to Disney. I have a Chico umbrella-style stroller and usually just put stuff in the bottom basket. This was a total game-changer, no more constant bending to the ground and searching for what I need. When it comes time to fold the stroller I just unstrap 1 side and easy peesy. It made raking the buses and airport security simple.

Aurora S.
Just what I wanted

I bought this organizer for my eight-year-old granddaughter who sleeps in the upper bunk. I wanted something that would hold a drink cup, book, flashlight, and tissues so that she wouldn't need to climb down the ladder in the middle of the night. This organizer was easily attached to the bunk's sidebar and she loves it.

Arrah G.
Must have for Strollers

I use this every time I use our Stroller. We don't have a cup holder or anything to hold my things outside of a bottom basket. This nifty little thing keeps all my belongings within reach and easily accessible. I LOVE it. It stays in our car and takes TWO SECONDS to put on our Stroller once I get it out. It is a baby MUST HAVE if you need extra, accessible space on your stroller.

Julius W.
Great addition to strollers with no storage

We used this on our Summer Lite travel stroller and found it extremely handy! It was easy to fit onto the stroller and sturdy enough to hold two drinks and some random items in the pockets. There were no issues with spills or things falling out of the organizer. The velcro straps were a bit long for our stroller but you can always trim them down. We haven't used this on other things but it should strap easily and securely onto our bikes, carriers, etc. with no problem at all. Highly recommended.

Brian T.
Small but fits everything you need

This diaper bag is perfect for small outings or going to the doctors. It is compact but has enough space for everything you might need. I have a bigger diaper bag for outings that are longer but it was way too big to just go to the doctors.

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Muar Stroller Organizer Multifunctional Adjustable Baby Stroller Storage Bag