Wozti Aquarium Rome Stone Pillars Landscaping for Fish Tank Decoration



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Jasmin C.
Super cute!

Super cute tank ornament! It’s a perfect size for my 7.5 gallon tank. With two openings for my betta. One leading to the cave he loves to explore and the other a little shortcut for him to go through. There wasn’t any sharp edges that I felt so safe for bettas delicate fins. Overall very pleased

Steve L.

Perfect fit for our tank. Made a world of a difference in the way the tank looked. Fish seem to love it.. they hide inside, and the green moss makes it seam real!

Bella B.
Great addition for aquarium landscape

Used in a 10 gallon aquarium and it was just the right size. I am able to fit few extra plants as well and still there is plenty of free space for fish to roam around. Very good quality product. It does not release anything in the water. Looks amazing.

Lance S.
Nice for small aquarium

For my 25 gallon well planted aquarium, this looks superb in the foreground. Have a couple other pieces to create depth. Looks good.

Mike S.

This is just what I wanted. It is the right size, looks wonderful in my aquarium. I can always count on Ooala!!

Kelly H.

We bought this to go into a diorama of the book “the land of stories”. My wife and son build these together and have a lot of fun...we needed a Rome and this worked perfect. It fit the box perfectly!

Ashton B.
cool Rome

I got this for my little 5 gal fish tank. it fits in there great and my crayfish has quickly become the kind of the Rome chasing off any fish who dare try to impede on his throne. lol it looks great, the details are fantastic and the fact that it is hollow was great for the crayfish to make his home in.

Sabrina P.
Love the detail

This has added dimension to my 10-gallon tank, and the up-close appearance is striking. I was actually afraid it might look too big, but it does not. I did file down the inner edges of the holes a bit. I wouldn't say they felt incredibly sharp; I was just being careful.

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Wozti Aquarium Rome Stone Pillars Landscaping for Fish Tank Decoration