Chafill Portable Green Silicone Tea Infuser, Strainer with Built-In Plunger



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Levi L.
Get it. You'll love it!

LOVE this! It is my second one. My first one lasted over 2 years with near-daily use. I usually put tea bags in it and use this to speed up the steeping process because I like my tea HOT and don't like to wait. It keeps your tea at the bottom of the cup and does work for loose tea as well. A little bit of tea comes through but if you use loose tea you're probably used to that. I couldn't throw my first one away so now I have two. The only reason I ordered another one was that the gray "knob" at the top came loose on my first one. So, really, you could have this for a long time.

Aira C.
Love this Tea Infuser

I like to have tea whether I run through a fast-food restaurant or dine out. This tea infuser you can put loose tea or tea bags and slip it in your purse order hot water, you can make your tea. The pump helps to make the tea in less than a minute. Washes well in the dishwasher. I have found no issues with it and have several of them.

Eris S.
perfect tea infuser

I'm not sure what one of the other reviewers was saying, because the screen on this is a very fine mesh and the leaves do not get through it, now if you overpack it, the leaves do expand and cause the compartment to open some, thus letting some of the loose leave out. I love the way you can push down the leave to get all the great flavor out of them and into your cup. this is well worth the price and will be buying more for gifts soon.

Virginia L.
Perfect for my tea needs

I have been looking for a while for a good tea diffuser... this one is great. I have not had any loose leaves floating in my tea since starting use. Easy cleanup and I like the press addition to getting all the flavors before discarding the leaves.

Karla G.
My favorite infuser

I've just recently started buying loose leaf tea, and haven't needed infusers much before. I've tried a few over the last month or so, and this has by far been my favorite. I liked it so much, I immediately bought a second one (which is equally as great)! It holds a good amount for one serving, while allowing the leaves room to expand as they steep. I also really like the plunger at the end, so you can (gently) squeeze the last bit of tea from your leaves before you remove the infuser from your mug - gives it a nice little boost of flavor, and also helps cut back on the amount of drippy mess on your counter! As if that weren't cool enough, it also saves me an extra spoon for basically, this thing keeps my kitchen all that much cleaner. Now if I can just figure out how to get it to take out the garbage for me, I'll be set for life.

Mae P.
perfect for almost all teas

I have owned this for a few years now and I love it. It still works quite well. I cannot use it on teas that have a lot of fruit bits in them just because the amount that I like to use is more than what will fit in this, but it works perfectly for all others.

Rose H.
Tea time

I generally use a tea bag and then have to squeeze the bag with a spoon. Messy. I'm still using a tea bag but I cut the top off and slip it in the holder. I have had no problem at all with it popping open as some have. I have found for real fine tea, like dust fine, some have leaked through, but it is no problem. I also found if you put the whole tea bag in, it doesn't squeeze as well. Overall I am very glad I found this product. I intend to purchase again for my daughter in law who is also a tea drinker. It is just what I was looking for.

Mark W.
Great infuser!

I drink a wide variety of teas and have owned quite a few infusers. This one is the best I’ve had! The main thing I love about it is the extra fine mesh; no matter the type of leaf I use, I wind up with very, very few grounds in my cup. The absolute only negative I can think of would be the lack of a crosspiece at the back of the infuser...something to wrap my fingers around when using the press to drain water from the leaves. But that is just being picky. Overall, the best infuser I’ve owned and I would not hesitate to buy again! A really great product.

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