Zesty Teeth Grinding Catnip Toys | Funny Interactive Kitten Chewing Toy

Color: Green


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Cynthia W.
Highly recommend

Our little girl loves these. So do we. They are well made and cute. She throws them up in the sir and chases them all over the house.

Lucy J.
Cat Appeal

This product has cat appeal!! My cat played with one of the toys as soon as it came out of the package. He plays with the toys frequently and with enthusiasm.

Amor P.
Great Product!

These toys are amazing. Really cute, and my cats love them. The material is sturdy, and the can withstand the biting and rough-housing that my cats love to do. I like the idea that these are healthy for their teeth.

jacob t.
Kitten loves it

I got these for my 14 week old kitten so he would stop chewing on cables. It worked! He loves these things. He’ll carry them around the house and play with them like crazy. I couldn’t smell any catnip which is fine.

Penelope C.
Fun product for Kitty !

Very pleased, thought they would have been a little bigger, but I am not disappointed that they r a tiny bit smaller.

Gian C.S.
Car ove catnip? Get it!

My cat loves these. She goes nuts for catnip so they are the toy for her, My cat loves catnip and playing with these “mice”. I find them all over the house. She gives it 5 st ars.

Olivia C.
cats love them

Bought them and i did not get them open before they tore the package. They have been using them everyday. They really like them.

Jerico M.
Great cat toys!

The mice are made out of very sturdy material that can stand up to rough play like biting and kicking -- and there are no feathers or bits of material that can be easily torn off and/or eaten, which is a big plus.

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Zesty Teeth Grinding Catnip Toys | Funny Interactive Kitten Chewing Toy