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Yogesh M.
Great Product!

I would highly recommend this product. After using it for only 2 weeks I noticed a significant difference in how white my teeth had become. The coffee stains almost completely disappeared and the overall brightness of my teeth greatly improved.

Jacky J.
Read this for a couple of tips

awesome product. I read the other reviews and started to get scared about non working batteries and stuff, so when I got mine I opened the battery case. There are two quarter sized batteries in there and at the bottom there is a piece of protective plastic you have to remove. I removed it and everything worked. It makes a little beeping sound when it goes on then the light stays on for like 10 min. You can then turn it on again after it goes off if you want. I tried it... I would suggest leaving the trays as is and applying the whitener straight to your teeth and then putting the trays in your mouth and turning the light on. That is the opposite of the way you do it when you get it all at the dentist but I think it whitens more even if you do it this way. You'll see. Have fun

Melissa W.

I love this product. I noticed a difference in my teeth in just a few days using this with whitening strips. I love how the tray is removable and everything is very easy to clean. The timer works perfectly and turns off after the 10 minute limit, which means I don't have to keep track of the time. I will definitely be using this any time I'm whitening.

Thersa S.
Fits well and lights are bright

The product fit in my mouth well and it seems to have really good LED coverage across my teeth. I don't use it every day and I'm not sure how effective it is since I'm not sure how you would even judge that.

Erin M.
Very pleased with my white teeth!!

I've seen lots of lights online to enhance teeth whitening, but not one as inexpensive as this. For that reason I was skeptical about just how well it would work. So far though I am very impressed. It's perfect that the timer is 10 minutes so you can just restart it in your mouth and go another 10. When you bleach your teeth you can usually tell you did because they are kinda sensitive after and I have noticed them being more sensitive after using this light..which is good because you know it's working! I made the mistake of buying some boil and bite mouth guards which was unnecessary since the mouth tray attached works better. It's perfect for bleach strips but if you have custom trays they would work as well !

Moishe D.
Works great! Why spend money on systems that include whitening gel when you can use your own!

I bought this independent LED treatment light because I figured I could use my own whitening gel and save money. The result? Yes! I haven't been able to figure out a clear gel yet (usual mixtures are pastes) so tried it with straight 3% hydrogen peroxide spread on my teeth with a q-tip. I'm more than a little surprised at how much whitening this little gadget achieved in just ONE application. Have used it just twice so far and it continues to improve the whiteness of my teeth. Since it is so inexpensive, I bought one for my husband.

David L.
Brilliant! Easy to use and effective.

I have been using this since it arrived, and have had noticeably better results than when I was simply using a mouthguard and whitening gel.
the 10 minute automatic timer is brilliant, and it's much easier to do a long whitening session with this than with the usual mouthguard or even strips; something about the shape of this prevents foaming/drooling or a need to spit, basically- so you can keep it in your mouth for as long as you want. As a result I have gotten parts of my teeth that were resistant to whitening (around the gum line) finally lightened, which I am thrilled about and the rest of my teeth areas are genuinely white now.
The only cons are minor; it can be a little difficult to get the mouthpiece on or off without turning the device on because of the placement of the button.
The other is again with the on-off button- I brought the device with me on a trip and I had to find something (rigid) to cover the button so that it wouldn't get inadvertantly turned packed in my toiletry kit, thereby draining the battery. I ended up using the plastic cover-cap for my clarisonic over it and tucking it all in a ziplock, but it was loose and slipped around and I still had to be careful; I'll find a better solution in the future I just didn't have time this trip. So it would be good if they offered a little case for the contraption. Otherwise, in all important respects (whitening) and the price, of course; thumbs up.

Sheryl C.
Best value: 5 LEDs, built-in timer, removable insert for white strips

Most of the LED whitening accelerator lights on Ooala only have one LED. Look very closely at the listing or ask first. This one has five, and you can see the difference in the pictures.

In addition to that, it has a built-in timer, and a removable bite piece that you can use if you don't have whitening trays and use the stick on strips.

The on/off sound is an unfortunate dying type of noise. Also as other reviewers said, before the first use, you have to remove the batteries to pull out the plastic piece between the batteries and the unit. That is put in there so you don't receive batteries dead on arrival.

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