Yigati Under Tank Warmer for Reptile | Heating Pad with Temperature Controller | US Plug

Wattage: 5 watts


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Gregory D.
Only size that worked

I have a 7 watt which I can't even tell it's getting warm and a 10 watt on low is over a hundred and ten wouldn't use it to have a snake lay on. This one just perfect you can adjust it for what you need and what is safe.

Damiel S.
Rest assured, it works even after a year!!!

I purchased this product a year ago and it still works great!!! My baby, loves it after I purchased a thermometer/hygrometer probe to regulate the hot side temp with the heat lamp.. She still loves the cool side until she feeds..
It still keeps its same temperature for the hot side...

Lester H.
Good for betta fish bowl.

Using under a one gallon fish bowl, during the winter time. Heats the water about 5 degrees warmer than the ambient room temperature.

Adrian D.
Gentle warmth great for baby birds and hedgehogs!

I use these mats to provide gentle heat for baby parrots. I place the mat under one end of their plastic tub so they can move away from the heat if needed. The babies tend to stay on the warm side but I've never found them to be overheated. I do use a folded cloth to buffer the heat somewhat. I also have one of these under part of our hedgehog's tank. We keep our home cool and prior to having this heater he would get chilled and start shaking. Now he is relaxed and comfortable.

Anthony P.
I love it!

I definitely recommend this instead of buying the really expensive reticle heat mats. Make sure your measurements are right before you select a size! I have a 20 gallon glass tank so I purchased the 14W. I love that it has a temperature controller too. The only thing I wish it had was a little marker on the controller so you can see where the gauge is (but I put a silver mark on it from my sharpie marker and it worked just fine). It doesn’t have an adhesive so I suggest maybe getting electric tape for a few bucks in case you’ll need it. My heat pad goes under my tank so I didn’t need any tape. I just layed a towel over my desk and let the tank’s weight lay on the pad to keep it secure.

Richard P.

This was perfect for my purpose of blooming an indoor Amaryllis Bulb. I set under my ceramic pot and it gently warmed it and the soil enough to help my bulb bloom in record time combined with a led grow light! I don't believe it is large or warm enough to effect much more of an area than the 5W 5.5x6" pad I bought.

Jackson J.
Still working well. No major problems

Using this to keep fermenting kombucha/ beer, and growing oyster mushrooms warm in a cooler. Still working well without any major problems. It smelled a little bit like "hot new plastic" when I turned it up really high at first, but that has been resolving with use. So far happy with the price of ~$18, 5W heat output, and power dial. If this thing fails or has any issues, I will repost. Full disclosure: I did not receive any money or benefits for my review... because that is how reviews should be.

Melody E.
Works well. Being used under a tank with a ...

Works well. Being used under a tank with a gecko in a classroom. Students had to devise a way to support bottom of tank so that it would not pinch the wire since the mat did not come with any tabs to raise one end of the tank.

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Yigati Under Tank Warmer for Reptile | Heating Pad with Temperature Controller | US Plug