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Bonna S.
The best speaker!

I’ve had my Barr speaker for about eight months now. I’m still blown away by this speaker’s ability. It sounds incredible. I’ve tried many speakers in the past but none have come close to this. Before buying the Barr I had actually purchased a Beats speaker. I wasn’t sure which to go with at first and wanted to compare the Beats speakers with Barr. When I put them side by side, I could not tell any difference at first in the sound. I probably am a bit of an audiophile so I’m always looking for that clear, crisp sound. After spending some time with the speakers, I came to the conclusion that Barr sounded crisper or more pleasant to my ears. Not to confusion its loudness with its clarity I do think there is without a doubt a noticeable difference between the two. To get another opinion on the matter I asked a relative to do a blind sound test. I placed the two speakers in front of her and asked her to keep her eyes closed. She was to pick out the one that sounded more pleasant to her ears. Between each song I flipped the speakers around. I shuffled through different music genres. 3 times out of 5 she kept picking the Barr. Needless to say, the Beats speaker was quickly sent back. I’m happy with my decision. I will probably purchase more Barr speakers in the future.

Robin P.
I’m a fan

These are great. I was using the Barr for quite some time and I never complained from them, until the unfortunate event where my nephew dropped them on the floor and the bass was busted. I went on to buy the Barr and the sound is noticeably better along with the quality and the great waterproof features ( which i don't really intend to risk using in the water, but it's good to know it's there)
the only thing that bugged me is that the Barr had a cover along with a charger, which was a cool feature.
nevertheless, the quality is great for the price and the built and design is FANTASTIC. Definitely recommended!

Lindsay W.
If you're looking for a capable bluetooth speaker that sounds good, you've found it!

This is a great speaker. Sounds bigger than it is. Charges fast and lasts a long time. Pairs easily and sounds fantastic playing everything from Classical to Country, Rock to Reggae, and Progressive to Pop. Although it says it is waterproof, I haven't tried to test that yet! I'm sure it would survive a light splash or maybe a sprinkle of rain, but I'm not gonna throw it in a pool anytime soon. I love its sound and I have dog ears. I can hear the highs balanced with the lows. Typically a speaker this small won't have any bass, but this speaker does fine. Can use it as a speakerphone, there's an app where you could link dozens of them to listen to a single source, which would be great in a party environment. Overall, this was a great product and I have yet to keep it a full volume for long since it gets louder than I need. When outdoors it is easily heard within 20 feet and not overbearing or sounding overblown. Bass doesn't tend to fuzz out on this even with battery usage towards the end of charge. I really like this little speaker for the cost and for the performance. I'm very satisfied with this purchase and use it several times a week.

Pamela M.
Best performing small size speaker

What a great speaker!! I've been a DJ for over 20 years and I know good sound. Now keep in mind, Bluetooth can’t hack higher quality audio as well as wired. So if you are listening to this speaker via Bluetooth it's going to be a lower quality sound (not the fault of the speaker). That being said, this speaker can push the base and hit the highs better than any other speaker at this compact size. I originally bought this for my office, but the volume is just not low enough for that environment. I had to get a cheaper speaker. Now I carry this one around with me on the disc golf course, garage or just working around the house. The battery life is excellent as long as you're not playing it a peak volume. But I can say I don't always listen to Meatloaf when I'm in the garage, but when I do so do my neighbors.

Jessica A.
Powerful Speaker

This speaker is absolutely amazing, and definitely worth the price! I have been using this speaker ever since I received it in the mail. I was so impressed with the quality, the sound, and the bass. I bought the white speaker, and the only thing I have to say about it is that the color looks like more of a pure white when it is in the light and might look like more of an off-white/grey in regular light. The speaker came with a wrist strap which is really awesome, and also a charger. The packaging is very nice, and I am going to use that as a place to put my the Barr when I finish using it. It is very easy to pair with a device. The battery life is spectacular, so you don't really have to worry about charging it often. Overall, great speaker! I would recommend this to anyone!

joseph a.
Small speaker-BIG sound

Love this speaker. It's simple to set up, with clear buttons and instructions. The sound is amazing, I can have the speaker in the kitchen and walk into the back bedroom and still hear it clearly. I watch Netflix while drying my hair and I can hear it above my hair dryer. I can hear it outside if I turn up my Kindle or iPad. What I really like is that I'm able to leave my device, usually my Kindle, as I listen to a lot of Audio books, in one place and move the Barr with me as I do chores, even outside and in the garage for laundry. There isn't any static or broken connection, it's as clear and strong as if I were inside. I've had other speakers and couldn't hear them above the vacuum like I can now. And music sounds beautiful, whether it's classics such as Johnny Mathis, or today's music with lots of bass. This would make a nice gift for anyone.

Eli M.
Awesome Sound ... buy two the first time, and save yourself the wait for your second speaker!

I love everything about this product, I use it for my home stereo system ... two speakers and an iPhone are all I need!

Richard A.
Great Customer Service and Fantastic Quality Sound

I recently purchased two of these wonderful little speakers and have basked in the rich sounds of my favorite songs through an Echo Dot. These are high quality speakers at a low price. Now I am not tech savy so it took me three tries to pair my speakers; but I was successful (third time was a charm!). Did I say the sound was fantastic! The really neat aspect is you can pick these little guys up and carry the sound all over the house, out to the hot tub, or outside washing the car. How cool is that!!! They really do extend out to 100 feet. But, let me give very high marks to the Customer Service of Ooala. I have never had anyone contact me in less than an hour and these folks sent me helpful emails 3 times within the hour I contacted them. And they did their best to call me by phone; but I was away doing other things. But they tried. Everything about these speakers and the company get 5 Stars.

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