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Charmaine M.
Quick defrost and the food is no longer baked in the microwave

I was impressed with this thawing tray. I am always very busy so I need to thaw quickly. Chicken wings were thawed in an hour and the minced meat in about two hours, greatly improves the taste and texture of the food, better than in the microwave, perfect for last-minute meals. The tray is very light and easy to clean. I recommend it.

Elvis R.

Fast delivery and super well pack, it works at the top no need to thaw the microwave or lukewarm water it is great thank you again

Lonny G.

Ordered 11/11/2019 received 17/01/2020. Shipping is terrible, but the seller is not guilty, the problem with mail. The seller extended the protection period of the buyer, answers the questions. The quality is good, packed also well, in fact I tried that with this board, that without it-defrosting is the same practically, well, maybe with a board for 5 minutes faster. Since I bought it, I will use it. krivetki lay 2 hours. One photo-before, the other-after.

Elsa R.

I didn't really expect it to work. My first attempt was with chicken wings that did not defrost enough by the time I was ready to cook them. I put them on the tray and in moments the defrost was complete. Next, I took out ground meat to make meatballs - I put the package on the tray, meat side up for about an hour and meat side down for another hour - I couldn't believe how fast the ground meat defrosted. It's a wonderful item.

Pinky S.
Works great

We never seem to remember to take food out of the freezer with our busy schedules. It was always a last-minute thing and we had to use the microwave or hot water to defrost meat. I was a little skeptical about this but this thing really works!! My kids first tried placing ice cubes on the tray and they were melting so quick. Very neat time-saving kitchen tool.

Joanna M.
Simple and handy! A life saver!

A simple, neat kitchen gadget! It really works, for those days when I remember to get something out of the freezer at 3 PM!

Heidi S.
Works like Magic

This really works. It is a must-have item for every kitchen. I am using it almost daily for defrosting my meat. It works like magic. Taste of meat doesn't change at all when compared to other defrosting methods. I will definitely recommend this product to everyone. Planning to buy another one as a gift.

Jamaica G.
Excellent defrost tray

It got me to defrost the meat through the microwave, always overcook outside and keep frozen inside, so I like the natural way. This tray can keep me from embarrassing when I forget to take the meat out of the freezer earlier. Smart product, excellent.

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