Spara Transparent Sprinkling Watering Can | Durable Stainless Steel Nozzle for Gardening



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Susan T.
Fantastic Watering Can!

Fantastic watering can!

This is an excellent purchase. The spout is a great length, the design is very cool, and I loved the mini directions it came with and the funny message from the The Greenery. Awesome job Brilliest. I use this for both outdoor use for my flower bed and indoor for my Pothos plants and my ficus tree.

My ficus tree needs a large quantity of water. so I just pour the water out from the top - it has a large opening and it’s super convenient to use instead of the spout if needed for larger plants like mine!

Charity B.
Nice size

Great size for watering smaller pots

Caroline D.
Watering Can

This product is exactly as described. It is lightweight, sturdy, easy to assemble and it doesn't leak. I wanted it for use with indoor hanging plants. The long narrow pour spout makes it easy to pour water exactly where I want it. It is nice looking and the clear pitcher is a plus for showing water level. Easy to use and easy to clean

Matilda G.
Watertight, attractive and functional

This cute watering can pours very nicely and is lightweight, so it isn't too heavy when filled with water. If you are concerned about reviews that mention leaking, don't be. After I put it together, I left some water in the can. Half an hour or so later, it started leaking from the base of the spout. I fixed the problem by taking it apart, adjusting the O ring more carefully, and reattaching the spout. It was easier to put on the second time, confirming my suspicion that I didn't have everything aligned quite right the first time. Combining form and function, it is transparent for easy measuring and water level checks, yet attractive enough to leave on display. It would be a nice gift for a plant lover.

Hani V.
LOVE this indoor plant watering can!

This is the perfect size for my needs (ie 1 quart of water), there is a big opening on the top to fill it, I LOVE that it is clear plastic so I can see how much water is in it. And I LOVE the long narrow spout - it fits so easily between stems of my plants and between leaves. Also, the plastic will never rust. It is very light weight and even light weigh when filled with
water. I put the O ring in per directions and tighted the screwing part (? what is it called) with a wrench since I"m not as strong as some people (78 year old woman). So mine does NOT leak like one reviewer said. I also LOVE that I can find items like this on Amazon that are not in my local stores.

Lesley L.
Would recommend for plant racks

The pour spout is very long and really handy. Not exceptionally large but I think the long spout is a good trade off for having to refill it a few times. The bottom stays on well and I haven’t noticed any leaks yet

Jaime B.
Helpful for a short person!

This is a life saver. Has a nice long spout for reaching into the garden window. Just wish the spout was a little more secure.

Soledad R.

The goods came with a marriage (three big cracks), very sorry, but the lake is just super! The seller returned the money on the same day. I will re-order again. I put five stars for this attitude. Thank you!

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Spara Transparent Sprinkling Watering Can | Durable Stainless Steel Nozzle for Gardening