StrayCavy Three-Level Cat Toy Tower Tracks Disc

Color: Orange


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Andrew A.
can't be broken

Kettle has wiped himself out at least once a day trying to get at least one of the balls out of its slot, to no avail. And if this SIXTEEN POUND long, tall, extremely narrow all muscle black cat can't break this toy, can't even move it off the place its suction cups stuck it to on my laminate floor, then short of a hammer and a determined two-leg bashing it to bits, it can't be broken -- at least not by a domestic cat.

Sheena R.
My kitten for his first birthday and he immediately loved it! He's 11 pounds and VERY active…

Just gave this to my kitten for his first birthday and he immediately loved it! He's 11 pounds and a VERY active cat... so far, he hasn't tipped it, but I won't be surprised if he does. He tips the ones that are just one ring, but he still plays with them that way. I like the safety bar in the top ring. This came in 2 pieces but was super simple to snap together. The balls don't have bells or rattles inside, but so far my kitten is interested in them all the same... I'm sure other balls can be popped in, but the quietness is actually a nice break. I'm definitely happy with this purchase.

Therese W.
Cat loves it and actually plays with it.

This is cool. I've bought a lot of cat toys over the years that the cats don't care for, but my older cat (9 years) loves it. I bought it specifically for her as she was getting a bit plump. She plays with it all the time. Sometimes I pick it up at night because she likes to push it into my bedroom and play with it right beside my bed, and it's a bit loud. Not loud enough to be annoying for day time use though.

Nadine C.
Give it a bit of time

Kitty sort of snubbed this toy when first unwrapped, played with the wrapping paper, etc. It knocked around the cat area for a couple of months, no encouragement to play or catnip would really interest him in playing. The other night I heard strange sounds and got up to see my kitty utterly absorbed in playing with it UP side DOWN! I tiptoed off to bed, and now he plays for hours, whichever side up.

Millicent A.
Best money I ever spent!

This stray kitten showed up at my house just before Christmas. I tried to find her a home but my home is now her permanent home. She is incredibly high energy and enjoys torturing me and my 15 year old male cat so I was looking for toys that she could self-entertain with. She loves this toy and spends hours a day playing with it morning, noon and night.

John R.
Best Cat Toy ever!

The cats will not stop playing with it! I have 3 cats, two that loaf, and just lay around all day.
We have other toys with the spinning ball, but this is the first one I have seen them play with consistently.
All 3 can and have played with it at the same time! We have had it for 2 weeks and they are STILL playing with it.
These are not kittens! They are 6 and 7 year olds. Wonderful toy!

Angel J.
Cats seem to be enjoying it

My cats are enjoying this, but it IS smaller than it looks in the picture. The cats have to stoop down to see the lower levels, and one cat prefers to lie down and play with it. But, they ARE playing with it, so that's good. :) They can get the balls out of they get enough force behind them with their paws, but I've only seen the lower one come out twice so far. I'm pretty happy with it - just wish it was a bit taller.

Roland R.

2 of my 4 cats adore it. Was aiming for at least 1, LOL.

I wish it came in red instead of orange.

The plastic feels a little flimsy but I've had no problems with it, and even tripping over it there's not been any problem as a result. Cats batting at the balls show it's fairly sturdy.

The cats dig it, I'd buy another in a heartbeat. Recommended!

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