Tippy LED Selfie Ring Light | 26cm Dimmable Photography Camera Phone Ring Lamp with Tripod



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Eli M.
Pretty handy

It totally worked out for that and you can use it for taking pictures too but I miss the good old fashion makeup mirrors and they're very hard to find and when you do find them they're really expensive so this way you can have your phone you can see what you look like in your pictures and you have to lighting that can shine up on you on your face while you're putting your makeup on in the mirror that's actually pretty freaking handy.

Steffany N.
Great little inexpensive ring light for cell phone videos

I had been thinking about getting a more expensive and more professional ring like when I came across this in my recommendations. I mainly just wanted something to make me look a little better while I am video chatting with clients and then possibly use it for a little bit of photography. I haven’t used it for photography yet but it works perfectly for just making yourself look better for video chat or social media videos. For as cheap as it was, it’s quite an amazing little late. I am very happy with my purchase.

Amber M.
Perfect for recording videos

I do real estate videos and I don’t always have my recording equipment with me. This was the perfect compromise! This light is great!! There are a few different settings on the type of light. Best part is that you can also adjust the amount of light. Great ring light, easy to assemble and perfect for filming videos.

Amy B.
Easy to use and bright for videos

This works well as a ring light for desk or close up recording. It puts out an even, bright light.

It’s really easy to use, plug it in, but the box didn’t come with any instructions on how to put together the stand. Perhaps it’s simple and I just missed it but it took me a long time of trial and error and looking at every angle of photo I could find to figure it out.

This is also not glass, which is good. I dropped it right away taking it out the box. It’s plastic (I think) and durable, so you don’t have to worry as much about it falling over.

Sarah W.
Awesome for selfies and beauty gurus

I bought this as a gift for my sister in law who recently started a beauty based Instagram page. She loves it so much! The simplicity is awesome as well as the different light settings and the fact that it holds your phones. It has totally upped her selfie game a ton. Her photos look amazing now and I kind of feel like I need one for myself! She also appreciates that it doesnt take up much room and it can be tossed in a drawer.

Michelle L.
Good for youtuber

It gives a bright light and very easy to use.
It is a good kit for the people want to be makeup youtuber. Nice price, too.

Mary G.
Great light

l love this light. I bought the 10" ring light to use by my makeup. It’s perfect. love that it has 3 different light temperature modes and the brightness on each of those is adjustable. It came with a remote that connects to your phone to take photos too also works great as a desk lamp as well.

Elise V.R.
A great contraption

It is a great contraption if you wanna do some closeup videos. I gifted it to my sister who has a youtube channel. It has a great smartphone holder, baked right into it, which makes it perfect, not worrying about buying a separate stand. Very bright light and honestly love the ring light effect reflection which it creates in the eye lens, pretty cool.

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Tippy LED Selfie Ring Light | 26cm Dimmable Photography Camera Phone Ring Lamp with Tripod