BodyPurge Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat with Body Alignment System

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Elise V.R.
Classy mat

Very nice mat. It’s thick and the alignment lines helped me with my form. I’m recovering from surgery and I will eventually take it to the gym and be the envy of the class with my really nice mat. Great quality for the price.

Michael D.
Excellent replacement for my well-loved mat

I had previously purchased a TPE mat that went through my YTT and hundreds of hours of yoga training and class time with me but had finally worn out. Since the company no longer sold their mat I had to search for a new one. This mat is a perfect replacement. It is lightweight but also nicely cushioned. The texture is grippy and I prefer it over all of the mats I have tried. I also really love the alignment lines. They are a great visual reminder of foot and hand placement during practice. I was sad to give up my old mat but I am very pleased that this one will be my trusty mat for years to come. I highly recommend this mat if you are looking for comfort, grip and an affordable price.

Mary G.
Excellent Mat!

Wow! This mat provides so much support for my knees and great grip when I’m practicing hot yoga. The alignment marks really brought my practice to a new level. This mat is well made and worth every penny.

Janet G.
Nice mat for newcomer to yoga

This has been a nice mat for me while I'm beginning to learn yoga. I really like the alignment lines that help keep me in the correct position. It has just the right amount of cushion. My hands do tend to slip a little bit if they are sweaty. Otherwise, this has been a good upgrade from my cheap blue mat that didn't stay in place and was slippery.

Margaux F.
This mat exceeds expectations

I ordered this mat for the guidelines and I love it! I didn’t realize how different mat grips and cushions could be. This is the fourth mat I've purchased and is by far my most favorite. The guidelines help me with practicing good alignment, but I also really love the amazing grip so I don't slide when doing my poses. Also, the mat has a great cushion compared to my other mats. I usually have to double up my mat for poses on my knees but with this mat, I don't. And at the same time, the mat is extremely lightweight. Lighter than both my other mats as well. This mat has definitely exceeded my expectations and highly recommend purchasing if you're looking for a good quality mat for an amazing value.

Juliet B.
Great for a beginner

I love the mat because of the design. For a beginner yogi, it’s super helpful keeping me centered and relaxed during the workout because I don’t have to think if I’m aligned or if my legs and hands are where they need to be. I have 4 stars because I do have a mat on the carpet while I work out and I find my hands gliding a little while doing downward dog especially. Not sure if the carpet is the reason but I don’t have any non-carpeted areas to place the mat while I work out.

Sam J.
Great mat at a fabulous price

Fantastic mat. Looks great, really stylish. Excellent value for money. Tried it at a yoga class last night and it was great. The best mat I've had so far and for once I wasn't sliding all over the place on the mat. It's also not very thick but because of the quality of the material, it provides the same support as the thicker mats.
All in all, it is a fabulous value for money and it looks and feels far more expensive than it really is. I would recommend this to anyone at any level of yoga.

Alexa B.
Non-slip comfort mat

I am new to yoga at age 57 and have arthritis so even attempting these moves is difficult. But I have tried 3 kinds of mats and this one is my favorite. It is easy to roll up, lightweight and not bulky, and most important is that I don't slip on it. Some mats have a slight sheen, or they are too spongy. This one is just right. I can hold poses easier without much of a balance issue (for me), I don't slide, it doesn't buckle near feet pressure points like some do in my class AND your feet to make that annoying sound when you have to peel them off the mat changing positions as the other mats do. There is also no smell to this mat and the color is great. The position lines help me somewhat also. As I said I am new so I'm not experienced with poses yet, but I do tend to get offset and these help me position better. Buy this mat, you won't be disappointed.

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BodyPurge Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat with Body Alignment System