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Robin P.
Fantastic Training Umbrella for the price!

This training umbrella is fantastic for the price. It is constructed very well and very lightweight. I like the fact that it does come with a carrying case which makes it super easy to store when not in use. The fabric is sturdy and easy to clean. This will be a staple in my client training routine in the Spring & Summer.

joseph a.
Get definition and endurance

Our 15 y/o grandson is a runner and bought this to provide a better training tool. He runs with it in the park and gets compliments and people asking him about it all the time. In the six months since he's had it, I can say he looks more defined, and certainly, it has helped with his running routine/endurance. Came in a nice carry pouch that fits into the front pocket of his backpack very easily. Lightweight, but sturdy.

stephen h.
Helps with my high intensity workouts

I definitely got some stares at the park today, but I'm all about working out for as little time as possible while getting maximum benefit. This chute helps with my high-intensity workouts and got me huffing and puffing faster than regular sprints would. Worth it.

Richard A.
Great for speed training

My oldest daughter has been training for track and basketball for the last 4-5 years or so and she was recommended this by her track coach. She has increased her speed in just a few short weeks and I can't wait to see what she can do after a few months of use. This is easy to use and does exactly what it's intended to do. It did take a few tries the first few times she tried using it but once she figured it out it was game on from there. A very inexpensive way to add some speed.

Steffany N.
On your mark get set go

My husband coach’s college Ultimate Frisbee and then need great burst speed. This works great training their legs and body for running strength and speed. Easy to use and folds right up for storage or travel.

Michael J.
Flying in the Park

This running speed training parachute should be used in training. But I got this for my friend’s son to have fun in the park. They use it to run around the park-like skydiving...he looks so cute and full of joy. He runs very fast with it and he jumps is like flying in the sky. So Cool and amazing.

Amber M.
Perfect for wearing my kid out

I’m not much of a runner, but my kid just loves it. I wanted to get him a little something to spice it up a bit (he's 7). He was thrilled when I showed him the chutes. Once I consoled him that he would not, in fact, be able to use them to jump off the roof, I strapped him in and off he went, laughing like crazy the whole way. Intended use? Nah. Worth every penny? Unquestionably.

Amy B.
Great workout

I got this to improve speed for me and my kids. They find it fun to run with and the workout is just amazing. It was made well and didn't have any problems with it using it or packing it back up in the bag it came in. It worked for myself as an adult and for the kids from 7 to 12 years old.

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