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Mike S.
Perfect fit!

I’m not a huge fan of over-the-ear headphones because I have a weirdly shaped head and they usually don’t fit well on me but these had such good reviews I wanted so badly to try them. They fit awesome!! I was so happy with the way they fit that I didn’t even really care how they sounded but the sound blew me away! They are really well made; they do not feel cheap or flimsy. They pair so quickly with my iPhone and stay paired; I didn’t get any drops whatsoever. The range is about 30 feet which is phenomenal. I wore these listening to my audio book at least five hours straight; no issues. That’s two hours longer than my AirPods. And yet I still can’t get over the snug fit! I adore these and at this price I’m getting a couple more for gifts! People are definitely going to think I paid way more than I did!

Allan P.
Excellent lightweight headphone!

My oldest daughter grew out of her old wired phone and for our upcoming trip, I gifted her this lightweight wireless headphone. Most issues with wireless headphone or past headphone is the heavy or uncomfortable ear cups that eventually started to hurt my ears after a while. This headphone does not and even fits my big head perfectly. It's not "over the ear" but it's comfortable and stylish enough I was very impressed with the overall quality.

Brian F.
Compact, stylish headphones

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the headphone looked and felt. I’m not a huge headphone user but needed something to use for the upcoming road trip with my kids. The sound quality pretty good for the price point. It’s lightweight and felt comfortable to use. Another great thing is that it folds up pretty nice & compact! The only thing I felt could have been better is the volume control. Instead of a dial, I would have preferred a button control.

Michael F.
Fine sound, light fitting and economic

Have tried several Bluetooth earphones lately, and found these to be simple to use and quite inexpensive. I enjoy how lightweight they are. I have listened to music and a webinar for a couple of hours without any discomfort; hardly feel like I have them on my head and over my ears. Soft ear pads, and just the right holding pressure over the ear, then they will do great for the fine sound they provide. I had a little hard time pairing them to an Mpow transmitter, though. Overall, you can't go wrong with these for non-professional use. So far so good.

Nikko M.
These check all of the boxes!

These headphones check all of the boxes! First, they sound great. I would describe the sound as surround sound, but in a headphone. They are comfortable, fit over my larger than normal ears and I can barely tell I have headphones at all. The fit is also adjustable because not all of our ears are in the same place. The battery life is long. I don't know how long because Ive never managed to wear them down. The range is long. I have a good size house and I wonder off from my phone all of the time and the strong bluetooth signal is uninterrupted. Its also nice that I can scan and skip songs from my headphones since I am prone to wandering off from my phone. I can also switch them off and on from the headset. I have kids, so I get interrupted all of the time, and since I can't find my phone to pause the song its nice to have a button I can just tap, Its hard to believe they cost what they cost, they are a steal for the price.

Damiel S.
Clear voice audio with good bass, my iPad companion.

I needed a set of these for watching my movies with my iPad. These are working out very well.

Easy to sync
Long battery life
Very good antennae, because the range can go across several small rooms
Voice comes across very clear, unlike other headphones I have which I HAVE to turn on CC with movies.
Very light and comfortable without getting hot. Fit feels great.
Fits both my bigger head and my wifes smaller head comfortably.
Music sounds fantastic!
Build quality is very good. No creaks or rattles, things are tightly put together.

Lester H.
Wonderful job

After what feels like a million replacements, this headphone turned out much better than I expected. The size of the earmuffs part, wow! It's so much bigger than many of the other headphones I have purchased before. I love it! I thought that the size of the earmuffs didn't matter, but this one, definitely cancels out a lot of the noise more than the smaller earmuffs. The sound quality of this headphone is great! There were no static or anything. The sound is exactly like the music should be. The quality of the headphone is high. It has not broken on me yet. The wireless headphone is a plus for me. No more wires bothering me or being in the way of my movements or me enjoying my music. Going wireless lasted me days, maybe even weeks, before I had to charge it since I did not use it every second of the day. The cushioning was very soft and comfortable. Definitely like a pillow. The headphone fit my head with no problems whatsoever. Yes, it arrived with everything like the charging cable, bag, auxiliary cable, manual, headphone, and box. I only used this for music on my phone and have yet to use it for other types of electronics. I will update if there's any problems later. Thank you.

Adrian D.
Great sound at a great price.

I was looking for an inexpensive headphone for use mostly at home. I ordered these after looking at some of the reviews and mostly because it wasn’t too expensive. I’m surprised at how great these headphones sound! Bluetooth setup was standard as usual. Let your phone find it, connect to it, and you’re all set. Battery life has been excellent. Took almost a week of use before I had to charge it! It’s very light.headphones I have. Keep in mind, these are active canceling does a great job of blocking out noise with the soft ear cushions. Great value and I’m thinking of getting another one for my son.

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