Diuns Ultra Soft 12000 Micro-Nano Wavy Bristles Toothbrush for Sensitive Teeth

Color: Black


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Millicent A.
My teeth have never felt cleaner !

I was looking for a sonic brush or something similar and these came up. It looked interesting so I decided to try since they are cheap and had nothing to lose. OMG ! Best buy ever !!! My teeth have never felt cleaner. I suffer from gingivitis and since I started using my sensitive gums have stopped bleeding. At first, it seems like they don't brush your teeth right but you feel the bristles work their way in between your teeth painlessly. My 8-year-old tried one also and loved them as well. No more nagging to get her to brush her teeth. I've had them for 2 weeks and have yet to find any green mold in between bristles like other reviews state (checking daily). Highly recommend them!

Angel J.
Best toothbrush

This toothbrush is marvelous. It’s one thousand soft fine bristles that feel as if you are cleaning your teeth and gums with a soft cloth or sponge. There is no scratching or abrasion. Your teeth are left looking and feeling clean and smooth.

Allan W.
Sensitive teeth

it has helped with the sensitivity of my teeth tremendously and it’s a great little upgrade to add to my daily life routine. Its soft on the teeth and you got to get used to how soft it is but once you get used to it, it’s great. Love it

Alyanna S.
Feels soft, but cleans well

I've always brushed too vigorously, so I bought these to help fight against my receding gums. Feels so different, but I love them! Their softness reminds me to keep a light touch, holding the brush with only 3 fingers instead of my entire hand. They also clean very well.

Paolo G.
Sensitive teeth and gums rejoice!!

I have crazy sensitive gums and teeth. Never have I found a toothbrush that didn't cause some kind of pain and/or discomfort. Until I came across these toothbrushes! So soft!!!!! And wow what a great job of cleaning they do! But for the first time in memory no pain and no bleeding! I will never buy any other toothbrush than these!!!!

Aaron B.
Love these

I have never used a toothbrush like this before and wanted to try them out and I really like these. They are very soft and very gentle and yet they still do a great job of cleaning your teeth.

Carol D.
Super soft yet extremely effective!

These unique toothbrushes are extremely soft yet clean teeth very well. Great for persons with sensitivity due to gum recession. Remain effective for a long while despite their softness. Small enough to fit well in the whole mouth.

Krisha G.
My teeth have never been cleaner

This toothbrush is incredible; my teeth have never felt cleaner. It’s strange to get used to at first after using traditional toothbrushes for so many years but that passes quickly. It does seem like it might need to be replaced somewhat often due to the bristles getting worn out because of how soft they are. Besides that I would 100% buy this again, I do wish it was a bit more eco-friendly though.

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Diuns Ultra Soft 12000 Micro-Nano Wavy Bristles Toothbrush for Sensitive Teeth