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Mae P.
It Really Works

This thing is amazing. It sends an ultrasonic sound to the dogs. It stops my dog from barking, jumping, running off. Controls them while we are walking and there is a squirrel or another dog, where usually they try to go after it and I have to hold them back. It has scared off other dogs while we are walking. Highly recommend! Actually I am going to buy another one.

Rose H.
It worked

It only took a few times to stop the barking. Now all I have to do is get out the remote and they stop immediately. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it terrified our Chihuahua but at first had little effect on our larger dog. But I am very pleased with the product and would recommend it to others.

Ernest J.
Very effective tool

I used this product to stop the nuisance barking inside the home when the tenant goes in or out. Amazing instant results. Now all I have to do is hold up the TV remote control and the kingpin dog backs right off. I used it very sparingly perhaps 2 times a week a first. I haven't had to use it recently. I will take it out in the yard (not fenced) when I let the dogs out if they don't listen to commands. Highly recommend!

Karla G.

I have a German shepherd mix and an English lab. Both of which have a very high prey drive as well as a bit of anxiety. My shepherd really struggles with people as well as dogs near her and gets incredibly scared to the point of growling and trying to herd them. After not even a week, both dogs have figured out that if they behave negatively then they get the noise. If they see it in my hand, they’re immediately on their best behavior. I highly recommend this product as a training tool.

Arnold W.
Good effect to stop barking

Both our 80# Mountain Curr and 50# Pit mix reacted quickly to this when pointed in their direction up to around 40 yards it would seem. Barking would stop and they would look to us for a command. The Pit got to the point when she thought the Ultrasound device was to be used would come inside without it being used. Our Mt. Curr is barking less but still will stop mid bark when used.

Randall S.

My dogs are scared just from seeing the device in my hand. It works great when my dog and the neighbor’s dog were barking at one another. Grab my dog’s attention quickly. It’s still a working/ training process for the jumping on people and barking in the house but it works well on my white dog takes a little longer on my smaller black dog... I don’t regret buying it.

Nicolas R.

I really didn’t think this would work but it does - every time! Worth every penny. I also bought one for my RV when we travel. It’s not necessary to hold the button down for long to get a response. I tap the button quickly and that’s enough to let him know that “no” means no.

Francis R.
Great training tool!

This product is amazing. Stops barking on the spot during training. Only drawback is I have 2 dogs and it impacts them both if used for one barker. However, they both understand the “no bark” command very well now. I’m still training them but it has reduced their antics by half already and they are getting better every day. Great product although it feels a bit flimsy. Cost half of what other similar items do but it really works!

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