Cepier Portable Handheld Nebulizer Inhaler for Adults, Kids and Babies



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Krisha G.

I absolutely love this! Lightweight and easy to use. The warm steam breaks up my sinus and nasal congestion caused by my seasonal allergies and occasional colds. It also helps to ease a sore throat. My first one lasted five years. I bought a new one in February and accidentally dropped it from the bedside table. The company responded to my email within a day and replaced it for free! I strongly recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural alternative to relieve sinus congestion!

Aira C.
Really great nebulzier, just what I need

I was satisfied with this product. So much easier than the large nebulizer I have been using. Lightweight to carry on the go and it doesn't make any noise. I bought it cause I want to find one which can work with either water or medicine solution. Most of the steam inhalers do not work with medicine solutions, but this one does, which is a bonus. I use it for the water vapor during dry weather, and use it for the saline when I have a cold/cough. I use it for 15-20 mins or until all the water has been used up, I aim to use it 3 times a day. It really helps my sinuses moistured and better. Furthermore, it still works well till now, I like it very much and it makes life much easier!

Virginia L.
Awesome product

Lightweight, portable and compact easy to carry in a purse, easily assembled, as it has battery option you can use it anywhere and anytime, easy to operate, as I mostly suffer from allergies easily caught cough and cold, it's perfect for me to carry in purse and use it anywhere I want to.

Rose H.
Really Helps

Very small and compact, as soon as you turn on the vapor starts to come out so quickly. Takes seconds for steam to start emitting and it's like a sauna for your nose/face.

Janno H.
You'll use this little nebulizer.

I hate dragging out the nebulizer and cleaning the long hose. This little nebulizer works awesome. I find I use this more frequently than the large model, cleaning is quick and I can add the medication.

Karla G.
Great love it

We had a doctor prescribe nebulizer and it was really big and took up a lot of space. We wanted to give this a try this is much smaller and pumps out a lot of moisture. We both like that this one takes up less space and it actually works pretty efficiently. I used batteries for testing it but it does have the wall plug into so if you didn't have batteries you can do it that way. It's easy to clean just put hot water in and do a full cycle. Going to be using during the cold season.

Jamaica G.
Super Steamy !

My Son has horrible Sinus issues and this has really helped. I put a little bit of Spearmint or Eucalyptus in
it and it helps clear him up pretty quickly..
Good Item. I like that its portable. He can keep it in his Dorm and not have it take up a lot of space.
Going to probably buy 1 for home too.

John B.
Really like this product

The product is great to open up sinus when you are congested. I like the fact that it’s portable, no need to stand over a bowl of steam with a towel on your head!

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