Bridush UV LED Lamp Dryer Light for Gel Nail Polish | 54Watts with 36 LEDs

Color: Pink
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Nadine C.
Professional grade dryer, cures fast with strong, lasting results. A+, great product!

I received it in two days! I have another nail dryer, but this one cures and dries in half the time. I did my first manicure 10 days ago with nail gel, and it still looks brand new. The dryer has plenty of room for your nails to cure. Professional results! Very nice set.

Alyanna S.
Very Pleased

First I want to start off and let people know... this is a lower wattage than professional salon UV lamps and you need to cure your nails (each coat) about 3X's which isn't a huge deal!!.. especially for the price you are paying for this product. This product is 54W and professionals are between 60/80W.. that's why they dry/cure faster in the salon. I hope this info helps... I personally have enjoyed this product and don't mind waiting the extra time between coats, that I think I'm gonna order a second one... why not at this price.. with 3 girls in the house, gonna need it!.

Sheena R.
PERFECT! All I needed to do my gels nails!

First time using this type of device at home. It worked flawlessly. I'm reviewing the 54w LED/UV Nail Lamp. I did gel nails for the first time. Every layer got cured for 60 seconds with the final topcoat getting cured for 2 minutes.
I like the sensor built-in that knows to turn on when my hand is in the device and turn off when my hand is not in the device.
I would recommend this nail lamp. The price is reasonable and the quality seems durable. Once you plug the device in you will be able to see the LCD screen for the timer function. To set a time you just click the timer button to the desired time wanted. However, you don’t have to set a timer. You have the option to just put your hand in and the timer will increase in seconds showing how long you've had your hand in.

Therese W.

I did A LOT of research before investing in this led light. It works sooo well and amazing! Keep in mind that you need to really know what you’re doing regarding the polish or nothing is going to work for you. I use this on the 60 sec. I leave my hand in for the base coat 1 time, color polish 2 times each coat, and the topcoat 3 times. (Don’t forget to rub off your nails with a cotton ball with alcohol) I hope this helps!

Millicent A.
Get this light for gel nails!!

I received this yesterday and immediately had to test it out. I had never done gel nails at home so I was eager to see if I could do it. With 2 children under the age of 3, I never find time to go to the salon, plus it gets expensive.
This light works as described. I cured each layer for 30sec and the top layer for 60. Nails came out rock hard! I like that they provide the gloves for protection, I'll definitely use those each time I do my nails.
So happy I found this light, it is so light, easy to store, and simple to use. Definitely buy this if you're planning to do nails at home!!

Angel J.

I work at a nail salon and we usually buy OPI brand dryers. I wanted one for myself at home, so I decided to search online for a similar dryer quality. I wasn't sure when I first ordered it, but after using it I knew that it works perfectly! The price was awesome especially with how amazing the quality is. The dry is fast and efficient.

Carol D.
High quality

I usually go to the nail salon every week and the consumption is too high. So I decided to buy a machine to go home and do it by myself. Then I research found this. I bought it and immediately tried it. It worked very quickly and the price Is very nice.

Krisha G.
dry fast, valuable

I am a nail art technician, I have one lamp ordered few years ago, it was led and UV combination, but it take at least one Min to dry each layer, now I did more intricate nail art, it takes forever to do my nail. then I was looking for a complete led light and I found this one. Because the salon I worked they use the same brand like this one, it always works pretty well. In the beginning, I still worried it is good or not, because this mode the price is so cheap, but as you can see, it works perfectly, as same as the lamp which my salon used, I am so happy to get this lamp, so valuable!!

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Bridush UV LED Lamp Dryer Light for Gel Nail Polish | 54Watts with 36 LEDs