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Aira C.
Great product!

This is one of the best Hyaluronic Acid Serums I have ever used!. It goes on smoothly, hydrates the skin, and feels great. Since I have oily skin that is prone to breakouts, I like that it has no oil and only a few simple ingredients. This is now my only moisturizer. I put my makeup over it and my makeup looks very smooth and lasts all day. I have tried many similar serums, but this is by far the best. I will definitely be ordering it again and using it for a long time.

Krisha G.
Best skin product have used so far.

This product is amazing in my own opinion! There is no strong smell, It’s not greasy or oily, and does not leave your face feeling dry. Within seconds of using it, your skin already feels smoother and tighter. My mom tried it out and noticed when she wakes up there was a major improvement in her sleep lines on her face. My skin looks dewier instead of oily and I’m starting to notice my pores shrinking before my eyes. This will definitely be part of my daily routine and I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for something.

Carol D.
Great moisturizer!

This concentrated serum provides instant moisture for even dry, winter skin! I especially liked that it is fragrance-free. Its lightweight moisture absorbs fully into the skin without leaving behind shine or an oily feel. I even feel like I have experienced fewer breakouts on my face and my wrinkles are less defined since I began using it. It’s a truly great product!

Alyanna S.
Smooth and silky

I have been using this product for a month and a half now. My skin tends to be on the dry side so I do moisture with a face lotion as well. I use this product morning and evening. I am noticing subtle changes in my skin. My face is smoother and softer. I feel this product is great for the price, and I would recommend it to others.

Angel J.
From a Skeptic to a Believer

I’ve used other moisturizers in the past, but none have worked as well for me as this one. The first day I applied the serum I could already feel the moisture change to my skin, accompanied by a very subtle tightening sensation.

To test this serum, I have only applied it once a day to my right arm for four days. My right arm is now ‘baby bottom smooth’, as my husband puts it. My left arm has been untouched by this serum and is exactly as it was before — dry and somewhat rough.

I must say that I was a bit skeptical when I ordered this, but I am a believer now. I have already recommended this serum to everyone I know and plan to order more for myself and my family in the future.

Millicent A.
Easy to apply and goes under makeup

I started using hyaluronic acid serum when I read it can help with moisturizing mature skin and plumping it up some. I use this serum either at night-time or during the day under my sunscreen and/or makeup. A few drops go a long way and it smooth easily onto my skin not leaving it greasy---which is a plus because I have somewhat oily skin. The bottle lasts me a long time. As for moisturizing---it is not like a lotion or cream moisturizer and sometimes my skin may still feel slightly dry after applying it, but it does help to make my skin feel smoother. This is my second bottle of it.

Nadine C.
Best product and value for the concentration!

I’ve always loved hyaluronic acid, ever since I lived in Japan, and they have amazing skincare products. I had a hard time finding a product of similar quality to the ones overseas, and this one finally hit the mark! Only a couple days into using it and my skin is already ridiculously soft, even without an extra moisturizer!! I can’t wait to order more!

Therese W.
Works Great, Love This Product, 79 year old Grandmom

WOW, I love this product. I am a 79 year of age Grandmother who has always taken care of her skin, but this product adds a new dimension to skincare. I just love it, I can feel it working, and I am recommending it to my son age 58.
I take a few drops and spread it on my face, neck and chest....a little goes a long way. Then I let it dry for a minute or two and then cover it with a very light moisturizer. It makes me look and I do feel the effect of it working, and it makes me feel better about my appearance.

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