InnerCircle 10" Selfie Ring Light with 1.6 Meter Adjustable Tripod Stand & Phone Holder for Live Stream, Makeup, Video and Photography



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Princess Q.
Great Value and Performance

You'll find a variety of these on here, but I chose this one based on features and price. It's easy to assemble, and the phone mount is strong enough and opens wide enough to hold a regular camera if you want, for vlogs, etc, so you're not limited to smartphones for capturing video. The multiple light temperatures are helpful and there is a good range of brightness levels. Another thing that sets this apart is the tripod. It extends to a good height, almost tall enough if you're standing up to have a light on you. It's bright enough that it could be serviceable if you stand a little farther away. Also, the tripod is multifunctional. You can use it standard, with the light and a smartphone on the clamp, or you can use it with a GoPro style camera screwed to the top or even a smartphone. I could see this being a great option for getting over the heads in a crowd or achieving angles that would be otherwise difficult. The tripod is extremely lightweight so very portable and wouldn't fatigue you from holding it for long periods of time. I just wouldn't be too hard on it. Overall highly recommended for someone looking for an inexpensive, multi-purpose solution.

Diane W.
OMG I love this thing!

I purchased this with the intent of it being a light I could use to record some tech videos to put on my blog. I wanted to make it look nicer than a webcam, so using a phone. I needed a ring light and found this one.

I am blown away. And for reasons not for the above. So it comes with a stand with a tripod mount connector, the ring light with cord, and phone mount holder. I tested it with a short video and it was perfect!

But then, I was working in the living room on disassembling and cleaning a rifle. The overhead lights were not satisfactory for me. I had the grand idea of using the ring light, pointed towards my coffee table as I worked. And it was absolutely amazing. It is super bright and lit everything up for me. Not only that, but it has different color temperatures and brightness’s - even though I'm usually keeping it on the highest setting...

Plus the tripod stands it comes with will be perfect for live videos regardless of where I want to use a 360 camera or other tripod mounted accessory with a small portable tripod.

I'm just so pleased with how well everything worked out with this product.

Herbert M.
Great purchase

I love this tripod light; it holds your phone so it's perfect for making videos or just when you want to video chat. The light is amazing, for doing your makeup or your hair. And the fact that it's also a selfie stick, super cool...I'm so happy with this purchase, definitely recommend.

Andrew A.
Lighting is wonderful

The controls are easy to use and the lighting is great. The settings are easy to change and the stand adjustments are sturdy.

Rose H.
Very bright ring light, just remember to NOT put too much force on the phone holder!

This selfie light is bright and with the lumen ranging from 3000K to 6000K, it has all the different brightness range that I need. The tripod can also be used to hold the camera, but I wouldn't suggest someone to use it to hold a camera. The reason being is that it doesn't have a water level so you cannot know whether or not your camera/phone is at the right level. That is why they included the phone holder to be specifically attached to the frame of the tripod. Also, you can't turn it around using a handle like a camera tripod, to do that on this light you need to move the whole tripod.

I gave these 4 stars because my phone holder had a problem when I first use it. Due to my large phone S10+, when I tried to extend the arm of the phone holder, it snapped. Now it still works, but the spring no longer works. I decided to just not use the one they gave because I don't want my phone to drop due to not having a constant force applied on the sides to hold the phone.

If this is your first time using a tripod like this, the centerpiece between the three legs can be adjusted. I didn't know that till later. That would help solve the problem of this light tipping off for when you want to angle the selfie light parallel or at an angle with the floor.

Aira C.
Works great

I ordered my 13-year-old daughter she loves it. The lighting was bright just right for what she needs.

John B.
Works really well!

The product is built well and is sturdy. The adjustable height is very convenient and the ability to change the lighting temperature is awesome too. Shipping was fast. I would highly recommend!

Roma S.
Nice light for portraits

I bought this to help my friend with her teeth whitening business. She needed some pictures, but the teeth whitening studio didn't have good lighting. I used this ring light with my camera to help her with some pictures.

Things I like
1. The ring light provides a good amount of lighting and has three different light temperatures. You are also able to brighten/dim the light.

2. Easy setup. Setting up the light takes just a few minutes. It also includes a tripod, smartphone holder, and GoPro style mount. The ring light itself has a standard size nut to mount on most tripods.

Things that I didn't like
1. The included tripod could have been taller. There was no way to take pictures while standing (subject would have to be seated). Not a huge issue because you are able to use another tripod, but it would have been nice for added flexibility.

2. It doesn't include a way to plug into a wall outlet. The light uses a USB plug, but the kit doesn't include an AC adapter (wall charger). You can use a cell phone charger, computer, or a power bank as a power source.

Overall this is a nice light. The ring design allows you to take pictures from the center and prevents shadows from being cast onto the subject.

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