Ligglo Suction Cup Dog Toy | Multifunction Molar Bite | Interactive Ropes with Chew Ball

Color: Blue


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Nicolas R.
For smaller dogs

This is a cute set. My dogs loved it. Overall, my dogs liked the set. It would probably be better for smaller and less destructive dogs, but they enjoyed them.

Karla G.
My dog LOVES this toy!

I have a Black Lab and he loves this toy... It drives him crazy as he pulls on it to get it to come off the floor, but when he does - literally trots around like he is the champion! It is so cute! A little water helps the suction, and remember to clean the spot to put it on or it doesn't stick well. I recommend this toy for people with big dogs.

Arnold W.
Quality value

Far it’s going strong. We’ve attached it on to the patio door, the dogs are enjoying pulling the ball. It’s suctions very well and is hard to pull of of the window we have it attached to.

Jerson C.
The most practical dog's toy than other

The suction cup enables to be attached to the wall well. That's helpful for playing. Continually attracts the dog's attention. Love the bright color of red which interests my dog a lot. Compared with other toys he has, it is the one he loves the best. I like it too because it spares more time for me to do other things.

Francis R.
A perfect gift for my daughter's puppy

My daughter told me for several days that she would like a stuff which can let her dog be occupied and relief her burden. After searching for a long time , I am excited that I find out this wonderful stuff. My daughter totally agree with me that this chewable toy can deal with so many troubles physically and psychologically to her dog.

Rose H.
It is also suitable for indoors

What to say , it actually solves a big problem for me. Due to the special weather here , rainy and rainy nearly everyday , but recently , my puppy's won't feel any bored at home. The suction enables to be attached to the wall and it strengthens the reaction between my dog and this chewable toy. When it is becoming sunny outside , I have the opportunity to walk my dog and take it with me to the park. It can also train the agility of the dog and clean his teeth to some degree. In a word , it is worthy of buying it and make me relaxed.

Mae P.
Excellent durable toy

This is definitely one of the companies stronger toys. Have had for a weeks so far and only a few teeth marks. It seems fairly durable as it stands right now.

Randall S.
Keeps dogs busy, great toy

This works! My dog loves it. Only just got it so hard to say about the durability but it seems pretty good. I got this for him to play alone and to still have the challenge of tugging!

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Ligglo Suction Cup Dog Toy | Multifunction Molar Bite | Interactive Ropes with Chew Ball