Nixar 3 in 1 Bladeless Mini Cooling Fan, Desktop Mist Diffuser, LED Night Light, Safe for Outdoor



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Jessica A.
Great buy!

What can I say other than this fan is brilliant - its my new best friend! It looks great, easy to move around. The remote is fabulous; the timer function is very useful. Not tried the heat function yet. The cool function is very versatile, love how you can change the angle of the air flow. The fan is quite on the lower settings but does become a little noisy on the higher settings - not a problem for me as it is MUCH quieter than my old fan. My only niggle is the light on the display - its quite bright which is ok during the day but not particularly at nighttime. Although expensive it is worth every penny - everyone should have one!

stephen h.
Nice appearance, good performance.

I love the fan very much, it is amazing , the air flow is great and adjustable, the design is stylish and modern, the subtle light acts as a great night light; But first I also don’t know how to use it because it can not work when I first click the button, then I tried to click the button several times in quick time , then the button is light and it can work. Actually, I love the style and it works great in our office.

Eli M.
Blows soft but strong air!

I love my little fan.
First of all it is small and doesn’t take too much room on my night table. Then it blows enough air for me. It doesn’t blow my hair away. It’s just a soft but strong air. It is great and doesn’t make any noise because it’s bladeless.
The other thing I love is the lights.
There are 6 led light mode. From white to blue to yellow to green to purple to red Then the last mode will go through all the different color automatically.
This definitely deserves a 5 stars !!!
I recommend everyone to get one !!

Richard A.
Little compact bladeless fan

Took me a little bit of time to wake up the fan (quickly tap the button 4 times in 0.8 seconds just like the way you tap a computer touchpad). Once it starts working you don't need to do this again. It can be powered by a micro USB cable (not included) from a USB port or power bank (really useful if the fan is going to be moved around).

Steffany N.
Awesome fan!

This fan has all the features 1 - very quiet 2- option to have light off while on 3- multiple speed options and BEST OF ALL 4-cordless (once charged it can be cordless) It is small, attractive, lite weight and has a sleek design. I will order more.

Michael J.

This is by far the best mini fan on the market right now. It's worth the wait to get it. If you don't have a humidifier in your house this works great for sleeping. The humidifier stays on for 45 minutes and shuts off after that. The fan still runs and has a strong breeze for a bladeless fan. This really helps me get to sleep and wake up feeling better. I am very picky when it comes to reviews but this is definitely a 5 star. I have had this fan for 3 weeks now and no problems. I recommend filling the bladder with spring water rather than the hard water we have on the east cost.It also comes with a button to shut off the light during sleeping. It also comes with a extra water filter if you need to change it in a couple months. If you live in a dry house and have problems sleeping I highly recommend this product.

Pamela M.
I love my new bladeless fan!

This fan is wonderful and safe. I use the highest setting and it is quiet to sleep. I’m using it in the boat cabin and the lighting options set a very nice mood. I love it.

Bonna S.
Small and effectively working

This small fan work as a magic when it quite small compare to what show on the picture but the power is very high. It can cooling down the machine computer very well. Specially, this does not make a lot of noise so very convenient in office

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Nixar 3 in 1 Bladeless Mini Cooling Fan, Desktop Mist Diffuser, LED Night Light, Safe for Outdoor